We fixed the flooding - but now there's the plague...

Yesterday, our ad sales guy rang in sick. But not your regular sick, suspected Swine Flu.
Last weekend he was in New York and when he developed flu symptoms he phoned his doctor's out of hours service and triggered a major health panic.
One of the other people on his return flight was already being tested for Swine Flu. A man gowned up with mask and everything came to his home to take samples and he was put on Tamiflu and told to stay indoors.
As he's been in the office I was told to warn everyone that it was possible they'd come in contact with Swine Flu and if they had any cold or flu symptoms to get them to stay home until the tests were back.
Everyone's fine apart from my husband who says he has hay fever. But as no one knows the incubation period - who knows! Everyone (apart from our ad sales guy) is coming in - true (Victorian?) Bulldog spirit!
So again we are awaiting tests. Our guy can still work from home, but it sometimes feels like we're living in a soap opera as each month we seem to be set another outrageous challenge when we try to put our magazine to bed!

He's got the all clear from the public health department! Hooray.


PBurns said…
Frogs. They're what's next. There's never a problem with frogs. Get your recipe here >> http://www.frogsvilleusa.com/recipes/index.html


barrie said…
How scary! Hope everyone is okay!!
Chapstaff said…
Best of luck everyone.
Aw...hope it's a false alarm!

Actually, I just heard that things have calmed down in the Northern Hemisphere because you're going into summer...whereas here Down Under, we're really facing a potential epidemic! Especially as we had a school trip come back from Mexico just at the worst time - they were put into isolation and everyone else on the flight but somethign must have leaked because my husband told me yesterday that someone at the medical school was diagnosed and sent home. Great - imagine all the people (students, academic & hospital staff, patients) that have come into contact!

Fingers crossed...

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