Some good news!

Just received this email from the wonderful Demelda Penkitty:

Hi Beverley,
We have just received the good news that we have won our appeal for the rescue kennels at Ty Cwn to stay open.
We have been granted a two year “probationary period” in which we will have the opportunity to prove that we can run the site efficiently and without excess noise or disruption to the environment. My understanding is that if this proves to be the case after the two years we would be granted the appropriate permission to stay.
We still need to clarify the position as regards our living accommodation, however, we hope that under the circumstances that may also be granted a similar stay of execution.
This is obviously great news and we are very happy with the outcome.
I am trying to get the news to as many people as possible and wonder if you could just mention it on your blog please.
Thank you all for your support.
Demelda x

If you want to know more about the remarkable history of Home-A-Dog and Demelda's altruism click here, here, here, and here If anyone deserves a bit of luck it's Demelda.


TheEejits said…
What brilliant news!

Here's hoping the next two years show what fantastic work is being done and they get the full permissions!

Carlsberg said…
That's great news!!
Chapstaff said…
Gosh! I don't believe it! I heard from the council that it had gone to appeal & thought that would be the end of it, I can't believe permission has been granted.
Congratulations Demelda.

Well done for persevering, I am really, really chuffed for you. Great news for the dogs.

I hope you are allowed to carry on living there too.

Common sense has actually prevailled for once.

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