Can you rescue me?

 Just received these urgent pleas - can you pass them on?

 I have two Standard Schnauzers FREE to an amazing home. Poppy is seven years old and very affectionate and stubborn and loves a cuddle and a swim. Lubo is four and has behavioural problems, he is fear aggressive and nervy and would need an experienced owner / trainer. Once he trusts you, he adores you. He likes plush toys and is currently enjoying carrying around a teddy bear almost as big as he is. I am having to rehome them as I have split with my partner and I am at work all day, they deserve more of a life than they are currently getting. With the right training and owner they would make someone really wonderful pets. I would not recommend that they go into a home with children though.
Westcliff on Sea, Essex
07743 642873 (evenings)

From Gumtree
My girlfriend recently came back to the UK after three years in Cyprus. Due to the extortionate costs involved in shipping her dogs home, she decided to re-home them. Unfortunately this meant separating brother and sister -Benjie and Honey- as they went to two different homes.

While Honey has settled into her new home & bonded with her new owners, Benjie is having less luck. His new owners aren't as responsible as they seemed at first, and are basically hippies that smoke pot around him all the time, and he's been unable to relax around them. This morning we found out they want to get rid of him, which in Cyprus means he'll end up chained to a stick in a yard somewhere.

Obviously my girlfriend is distraught, as there is very little she can do now that she's back in England. My first instinct was to place an ad on Gumtree to see if anybody out there might be able to help.

There is no Cyprus-specific version of Gumtree, however I wondered if anybody on here might know of a friend or family out there that would be able to offer Benjie a suitable and loving home.

Neither we, nor his current owners, want any money for him; just the assurance that he'll be somewhere safe. He is extremely well-tempered, with a gentle nature. He just misses his old owner, and his sister Honey, and wants the kind of home he can relax and grow old in.

Please get in touch if you know anybody that could help find a home for Benjie. Many thanks!

Colin & Emily 

 (+44) 07717 167425  


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