Wouldn't it be Wizard?

As you may know, Andrew Lloyd Webber is searching for a dog to play Toto in the upcoming musical version of the Wizard of Oz. There's a marvelous plan to try to make sure that Toto is a rescue dog and there's a special Facebook page set up to try to achieve this.
Can we all get behind this?
Traditionally Toto was a Cairn, but I'm guessing they'll be looking a little bit wider than that and talent and star quality will have much more to do with the selection.
Here's the link to the page and more information as to how to get involved with the auditions.


Anonymous said…
would that be at the KENNEL CLUB building at Stonleigh..........or would that be too much for you to actually report that the producers foudn this the best facility to use?!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Oh get a life anonymous! I've always been in awe of the kc property portfolio!
Anonymous said…
so your opinion is a vauled in the rings..........as it is by anyone else who actually knows or cares about dogs
Lucy King said…
I looked at putting my rescue in for this as she just won the Pet Factor 2010 award, but it needs to be a small dog in my opinion to fit with the story!
Unknown said…
It would be great if they chose a Pit to be Toto. But all the tummy rubbing would probably slow down production too much.

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