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Well we all got behind the Facebook page that was encouraging rescue dogs to take part in Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for a new Toto. According to the Daily Mail more than 600 dogs took part and certainly one of the finalists is a rescue dog according to the Mail - the Great Dane. And the Cocker had a cleft palate and was going to be put to sleep. Which one will be your favourite? There's only one that looks like a Cairn, but I'm guessing we shouldn't be breedist!  Above are the eight finalists.
Here's a link to the full story in the Mail. Final on tonight BBC1 at 7.15pm. Good luck to the dogs and their handlers.


Chapstaff said…
Looks aren't important, temperament is! They should be looking at a rescue dog who is not clingy, so will be able to "work" with the new Dorothy. A good rescue centre will have a good idea of the temperaments of their residents & should be able to pick a calm, confident dog who could handle the noise, heat & lights.

If a rescue dog was chosen the successful applicant would no doubt be homed afterwards & would win recognition for rescue dogs everywhere.
ScotchEgg said…
rescue dog, pedigree dog, show dog, pet dog..........these are all just labels that humans put on them. they are just DOGS and thats what we should be celebrating. get a life chapstaff and see that responsible dog ownership is what needs lots of publicity right now.
ScotchEgg said…
ps....if you could manage to get a Staffie the role then that would sure help the breed get some positive publicity for a it stands I think we will be seeing a ban on all ''bull type breeds'' in the future.
Chapstaff said…
Errm - ScotchEgg - I rather think you are missing the point here.
I was suggesting taking a dog from a rescue kennels......and...?

Also I do all I can to promote responsible dog ownership, especially of the Bull breeds, owning one myself.

Oh - and I have a very good life thank you.
kate price said…
a rescue staffie would be a lovely idea. The RSPCA rescue centres are bursting full of these lovely sweet dogs.
Anonymous said…
Shelters all over are busting at the seams with staffs, not just the RSPCA - giving them a shot would be good - as it's a stage show.

Using a specific breed in films has done as much harm as good by creating such popularity, the shelters end up with as many.

Pedigree, rescue, show are indeed labels we have trust upon them - a dog is a dog and pet like no other. There should only be a breed and mix breed, get rid of the word pedigree altogether. Change perception and you change expectation.

It's time to celebrate the rescue dog and more people through those doors.

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