Hounds for Heroes on ebay!

No you can't buy dogs on ebay! But you can buy a limited edition Hounds for Heroes dog tag and show your support for this wonderful new charity.
Just click here to get one of the first.
A little bird, (actually Allen Parton) tells me there'll be a draw at the end of the year as each tag has a unique number. There'll be exciting prizes on offer - including, I'm told, Dogs Today free subs! (there'll be other prizes too - obviously - as yet to be revealed!)
So please show your support of this lovely and worthwhile cause - buy one of their dog tags.
Here's Hounds for Heroes website.


In the pink said…
Ahh.....already got ours
sharon said…
just ordered mine
Anonymous said…
Sorry but I think they could have been made more attractive. I'm not saying I wouldn't buy one but I certainly wouldn't put them on anything.

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