Don't count your chickens - or your turkeys...

Rosie our designer has not long moved house so doesn't yet have a freezer. At the supermarket they were giving away large frozen turkeys if you spent over £80 so she decided to have one and buried it in the snow outside till she could take it to her sister's.
Rosie has a very elderly Staffie called Molly. When Molly went missing for a little while Rosie grew concerned as she has been known to wander off and fall down holes etc.
Rosie went outside to find a very, very happy Molly indeed who obviosuly thought Xmas had come early.
Look at how much she ate, not bad for her ancient old teeth!


Linda Ward said…
If I said 'it's gained more than it's lost' would that be disgusting!?
SimJaTa said…
LOL, go Rosie.

Remember leaving my first Turkey out in my flat (about 30 years ago) my cat ate about a third of it still frozen, lesson learnt then.

Peggy Frezon said…
lol, yes that dog must have been very pleased! I hope the meal agreed with her!
Chapstaff said…
Yay for Mollie - good!

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