Harrods protest

News received from Mandy, one of the protesters:

Campaigners from the anti-puppy farming groups Puppy Love and SPEC and from the rescue site Dogpages organised a peaceful protest at Harrods last Saturday. We are campaigning against the sale of puppies in pet shops and although Harrods might have better welfare than some other pet shops a department store like this should not be selling puppies. Harrods are a high profile store and should set an example by stopping the sale of puppies immediately.

There was a lot of publicity all over the internet beforehand which has also raised awareness about pet shop puppies and puppy farming. We were hoping for a big turnout because of this but the weather and transport problems prevented many people from getting there. We had a dozen people there and handed out at least 300 leaflets. We also talked to a lot of people many of whom had no idea that Harrods sold puppies or that it was legal to sell puppies in shops or about puppy farming.

We gave Harrods a petition with very nearly 2,000 signatures and a lot of very good comments on it. There were more signatures on paper petitions that had been delayed in the post because of the snow and these will be added to the online one. This petition will carry on and Harrods will be reminded about it regularly.

The campaign will continue and we will go back to Harrods next year. There are also protests at other pet shops all over the country including monthly ones at Dogs4Us at Leeds. Please get involved and together we can make a difference.

I'll let you know of any future protests as I get to hear of them. I have to say even getting a dozen people to turn out in this dreadful weather was fantastic.

Details of next pet shop protest: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150105747043060&set=a.71710688059.99429.20069898059#!/event.php?eid=175947935756308 

And click here to see previous protests and more info.


Blackshuck said…
Well done to those who turned out. At this time of year unfortunately weather is going to disrupt plans, but reading about the protest and seeing the pictures has made me determined that I will attend one in future.

There are no doubt many worse outfits out there than Harrods, but what they are doing, putting their name to such a dirty trade, goes beyond me.
Anonymous said…
I see Ms Harrison now in the business of selling dogs herself "Tosa Inu Puppies ,Black and Red On 29th of August 2010 new puppies were born. Their skin is dark red and black Mother: Aki Samurajaus Seselis - LT JCH,3xBOB,CACIB . Father: Imagawa Tosa Centrum - LT JCH,EE JCH,BALTIC JUNIOR WINER 2009,3XBOB,CACIB. More information on website www.tosainu.lt, email info@tosainu.lt , +37060099565 ,+37061627422" well its seems she will use any of her mans to make a few bucks, wonder if its commission she get or just charges for the adverts ................ isnt it one banned under the DDA too
Jemima Harrison said…
Anon, what on earth are you talking about? This is an advert for a Lithuanian dog breeder and nothing at all to do with me. Please take a little more care before spouting defamatory nonsense.

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