Farm fresh and nervously waiting a new life...

Many Tears has some young, quite damaged Beardies looking for homes on their website and this has sparked a lively debate among Beardie people as to what should be done.  (Frost, seen above, is five)
It is likley these have been puppy farm dogs and we are to be grateful they are there no longer. They all look of good type and doubtless a couple of generations back there will be kennel names we all recognise.
The young dogs are very thin, they were covered in lice. They are all nervous.
Beardie rescue probably have good people waiting and lots of funds in the bank.
Should they just give Many Tears some money and take it from here?
Some are saying, however, that paying the adoption fee rather than just the expenses is wrong and that rescues should hand over any pedigree dogs to breed rescue where they exist.
A counter argument is why should the rescues not charge a fee for normally quite 'desirable' pedigrees as no one is offering to take all their Staffie crossesoff their hands and they're only using the funds to help other dogs.
And it has been pointed out that Many Tears is not a registered charity. Does it matter?
My view is Many Tears do an amazing job of wrestling dogs out of puppy farms that may otherwise just end up dead and dead in an often inhumane way.
I support the Many Tears ethic and I vote that Beardie Rescue pays the adoption fee in full and then uses their expertise to find these gorgeous gentle neglected dogs Beardie appropriate homes.
I am pleased to see the most shy has a reserved notice against her name. It was her sad face that I was seeing as I closed my eyes to go to sleep. I would love to take them all, but I'm sure someone with more time will coax these lovely dogs back to full Beardie bounce levels.
What do you think? Do check out all the dogs looking for homes on Many Tears, they do a fantastic job IMO.


Linda Ward said…
Are the bearded collie rescues charities? Why does it matter if one is, and one isn't?

If beardie rescue has a waiting list, can they not direct these people to contact Many Tears and adopt straight from there? I have seen rescues, trying to do the same job, fall out because a dog has been moved between them and the rescue finding a home has a higher adoption fee. This has upset the first rescue who felt the fee should have been lowered for 'their' dog, or the difference returned.

It's only the dogs who suffer now, as that first rescue will PTS aggressive dogs, while the second would try everything possible to retrain or find a home where it could be managed - often just getting the dog out of a kennel solves the problem. Those dogs now have nowhere to go.

What does Many Tears think, or haven't they been asked?
Anonymous said…
Many Tears explains why it's not a registered charity on its site. Perfectly good explanation, I think. There are plenty of registered charities out there that rehome fewer dogs, put dogs to sleep, and some (naming no names) that lobby anti-dog policies to government, too!

Karen said…
I have no experience of beardie rescue, but certainly some breed rescues are better then others, so I can understand MT not having ablanket policy of utilising breed rescue. I do feel to some extent that it's a little insulting to Sylvia and those at MT to imply they don't have the neccessary expertise to find suitable homes - and let's not forget, they may not specialise in beardies but they certainly know their stuff when it comes to ex breeders and what kind of homes they require which would be a very important issue here.
Having said that, if beardie rescue have a waiting list of homes available and can work with MT then that seems like a win win situation.
whippetstorm said…
Many Tears do such wonderful work I urge everyone to take a look at the site I was lucky enough to adopt one of my dogs from them they work so hard to help these poor dogsI would hate to think what would happen to these dogs if Many Tears was not there to save them.
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen the source 'lively debate' but if two rescues are squabbling over who gets to care for and rehome some homeless dogs in crisis, both of them need their head banging together!! I don't suppose those poor pooches give a monkies from what direction their forever home comes. Theses rescues should work TOGETHER to source and help vet/counsel adoptive homes. Which ever rescue pays the bills gets the adoption fee.... crikey, it's not rocket science, is it?? Geez...
SimJaTa said…
Oh my, I just went to look at those poor Beardies - hope they find the love they deserve soon.

I'm with you on this one, Many Tears are a fantastic organisation and deserve all the help they can get, if Beardie rescue do indeed have available funds they should help out.
cambstreasurer said…
Do we know for sure that MT does not pay anything to the original puppy farm owners of the dogs? If they do I personally can see that Beardie rescue might feel they have ethical issues about this - for the same reason that it's not a good idea to buy pet shop puppies out of pity because it's just encouraging the breeders.

Provided MT are not indirectly encouraging puppy farming I can't see that there's any objection to the final adoption fee being passed back to them - and if they are VAT registered there may well be tax reasons why this would save them more than the amount of the adoption fee.
Cathie Faulkner said…
This isn't about rival rescues/ charities.
Beverley has taken incomplete information from my Beardie yahoo group. There are many of us willing to help with these dogs, but in my communications with MT they have stated that they have foster carers already in place for them.There is no rivalry as the dogs are not yet in a condition to be adopted. The various rescue co-ordinators are aware but not in a position to do anything, so to condemn Beardie rescue is totally unfair.
The only issue is in requesting donations for MT, and perhaps those posting here might feel inclined to direct their energies in that direction (waiting with bated breath)
whilst we wait to see if the Beardie organisations have something to offer.
Beverley, I have championed you so many times in the past, but admit to being so disappointed in this blog posting, you took information from my group, edited it to suit your purposes and created angst against our very worthy rescue people without attracting any benefits. Shame on you.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry if you think I've done something wrong here Cathie! I was just highlighting that there are some precious Beardies needing a home but there's the a dilemma as to what exactly to do. Beardie rescue is fantastic, if only every breed rescue were so wonderful. Many Tears is great too - seems I'm the only ingredient in this that seems not to be as I've upset people I admire.
Apologies if so.
Karen said…
It seems a bit harsh to blame Beverley. I read her blog post simply as Beardie Rescue were kindly prepared to help and the situation had given rise to some discussion amongst members of the pulic (NOT the rescues)as to what was the best outcome for the dogs.
The fact that some replies are attacking the rescues directly for bickering would seem to be down to a mis-reading/ misunderstanding on their part, not Beverleys.
In the pink said…
?I can understand the thread here because there are MANY breed rescue groups who have funds and lists of potential owners who are often thwarted from rehoming 'their breed' from rescue centres. Likewise there are many breed rescues who don't care and behave in a very insular way. There are so many dogs wasting time in kennels I believe the point here is maybe by all working together [?national database?] breed rescues could at least divert many poor dogs leaving more room for those hardest to rehome. Lets face it for example someone wanting a Poodle will not take a Staffy so why not get as many rehomed as possible? Many Tears is a FAB rescue and none of these comments are directed at them specifically. I'm sure some rescues have also had bad experiences trying to liaise with breed rescues as treasurers are often very loathe to part with funds. There is a long way to go before everyone works together I think.
Anonymous said…
TheOldDogListener -
I've spent my live working with dogs, and have seen rescues from both sides of the fence.
There are Pro's and con's with ALL rescues, if someone had set up the perfect rescue by now, then everyone else would have taken on board this rescue's working ways,
but sadly, there are so many "What if's" and "Whys" and "Legal issues".
that need to be taken into consideration.
The MAIN one being the individual and particular needs of EACH animal/dog in their care.
If this dog needs respite care to recover enough to take on the stress of yet another hopefully "Forever home" then, the rescue HAS to take this into consideration, or long term, that dog could be emotionally scared for life, as could the new owners.
If the animal/dog requires medical care, then again this has to be carried out, and the funds to pay for this acquired somehow, and again ANY prospective owner seeking to take on a dog from ANY rescue, should be prepared and welcome the chance to help pay the expenses incurred by the rescue to get that particular animal/dog well enough to be re-homed. This should be the ethos EVERYONE involved in rescue, both as a rescuer, and a prospective new owner, should be prepared to do.
I took on a rescue dog who sadly just wasn't happy with our lifestyle, so IN HIS BEST INTEREST, we returned him, and he was found the IDEAL forever home in the right situation and lifestyle for HIM.
I wasn't concerned about "Getting back the fee I'd paid, because that fee was for the costs incurred by the rescue UP UNTIL I'd taken him on. And I don't feel the new owners being charged yet again, was wrong either, because they were for the costs incurred until they took him on.
If rescues charged their proper costs incurred getting these poor animals well again, only the VERY rich could afford the fees.

At the heart of all this is the rescued animal, PLEASE remember that
And what ever the costs be they monetary or in hours and dedication, its worth a million pounds to see just one, living a happy life they deserve.
no bickering,
Lets work together to achieve this.
Jackie Grimmett xxx
Jo Sermon said…
Having fostered two of the pups that you mention here, I'd like to say a huge thank-you to Many Tears Rescue. They work tirelessly from early in the morning to late at night 7 days a week, simply to home as many dogs as they can. WELL DONE Many Tears, long may you continue to do so.


Jo Sermon

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