Another chance to bag a bag!

If you go to the Dogs Today fan page on facebook you can have another chance to win one of these lovely doggie bags! (Available from £14.99 from
We just want you to 'like' our page and tell us the funniest/weirdest/most embarrassing thing your dog has ever done. And if you want a giggle, scroll down to Friday's competition for another of the bags where everyone confessed to the oddest things they'd ever had in their handbags! Fascinating!
If you're new to facebook just click on the panel to the side of this post and it'll take you where you need to go.
And if you're not the lucky winner you can still claim a 15% off special discount! See below... 

The code 'DOGS' in now live and entitles your readers to a 15% discount on ALL bags on website excluding postage charges.

The offer will expire on 31 March 2011.


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