Bag yourself a bag!

Would you like to win this doggie bag? I really liked the look of these when the press release came in and sneakily offered to road test one for them. I thought if I want one enough to beg, surely you will, too! It's available from £14.99 from . If you'd like a bag simply like the Dogs Today magazine fan page on facebook and leave a message in this bag thread telling everyone the oddest things you've ever had in your hand bag! You can click on the box at the side here to be taken to it!
I used to struggle when our office was in Windsor, there were never enough red poo bins and Sometimes I'd have to put a full bag in my handbag until later. I'm sure I'm not the only one! I have also recently started carrying around antlers.... the dogs love them!!


Peggy Frezon said…
The strangest thing I've ever carried in my handbag is a de-stuffed, dismembered,tattered pink bunny toy. Perhaps my spaniel-mix Kelly "helped" put it in there?!

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