Prison for Pet Cremation fraudster... but pet owners still bereft

If you have been following the case of the fraudulent pet cremation business that dumped the pets and delivered fake ashes back to their clients, you'll be interested in this update from Kevin Spurgeon, Director of the Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria:

I received this email from one of the concerned former clients of Peak Pet Cremations – I have kept the email anonymous to protect their identity but it sums up what many pet owners will now be feeling:

Hi Kevin, thank you for your response to my phone call.
I have given it a lot of thought as to whether i should have the ashes examined. For 3 years i have believed them to be XXXX’s ashes.  I feel i have to continue to do so. The thought of being told they are not hers, stirs up alot of emotions. I'm still very sensitive over her, she was a wonderful dog, loved everyone and was always by my side. She had 4 beautiful pups, which im still in contact with. I feel very sad for the people who know that their pets were treated with such disconcern.
I wanted to go to the court case yesterday but couldnt get the time off from work. An 8 month sentence hardly justifies the hurt she has caused but at least she has been brought to justice and i hope she is never allowed to do the same again.
 My older westie who is 15, is getting frail and i know his time is limited now. When that time comes i will take him to one of the ones you recommended. I am intending to put his ashes with what i believe are XXXX’s ashes.
I hope Emma Bent has a tough time in prison, and i hope she uses the time in prison to reflect on how many people she has hurt.
Regards, XXXXX

Those pet owners that do want their ashes inspected by a local APPCC member can contact us on 01252 844478

I am unashamed to say that I had a few tears alongside the pet owners after the sentencing hearing yesterday.  It sickens me that someone in a similar position to myself could prey on the vulnerability of grieving pet owners that placed their trust in both their vet and the cremation service they were using.  There are honest pet crematoria out there offering genuine cremation services but owners must ask enough questions to make sure they are getting what they are paying for.
My thoughts are with both the owners of the pets found in the field and shed, and with the many more pet owners now worrying whether they have been given back their own pet’s ashes by Emma Bent.

Many thanks to Phil Brewster (ITV CENTRAL) for a very informative news piece – see link below and to Elaine Pritchard for an equally in depth report on yesterday (as well as free tribute pages to some of the dumped pets).

Kevin Spurgeon
Director APPCC
Tel. 01252 844478 <>


Anonymous said…
I do think the vets are as responsible as that woman.

If only the pet worlds and animal owners would come together and push for the veterinary profession for change. Legislation needs changing as well. Maybe if everyone stood together and started a campaign (sing from the same hymn sheet) to make change happen sooner than never.
Nina Cole said…
We lost of beloved GSD three years ago and relied on our veterinary practise to have Luika cremated and returned to us for his ashes to be buried.

My husband was extremely sceptical that it would be Luika that returned to us!

This story will surely put doubt into the minds of everyone, who has paid to have their pets ashes returned.

It is a callous act from someone who has enjoyed profiting from peoples grief.

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