Forget the Oscars - here are the Endals...

Do you know a dog that has done something amazing who deserves a pat on the back? A dog that has changed your life or enhanced it, or inspired someone else? Perhaps a dog that has overcome something momentous or helped you to put your life back together?
Or maybe you know a person who deserves an Endal? A pioneering vet, a compassionate welfare worker saving dogs on death row. A positive trainer showing the world there is another way? Someone taking dogs into schools, training dogs to help people in new ways? I can think of loads of people and dogs that I would give an Endal to - but I want to hear from you.

Please either post or email me your nominations.
My email is - please put "Endal nomination" in the subject area and tell me the person or dog's story. Post to: Endal nominations, Dogs Today Magazine, The Dog House, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ.

The Endals are inspired by Allen Parton's late great Endal, our Dog of the Millennium. The subject of the best selling book and the soon to be made feature film. Endal saved Allen's life and Allen and Sandra's marriage. For those who don't know Allen was a gulf war veteran who suffered a devastating head injury which took away his memory, much of his speech and left him in a wheelchair. He had no memory of his wife and family and tried to take his own life. When Canine Partner Endal came into his life, things began to change. Endal was taught to problem solve and we first noticed him when he started using the cash point machine, but he was just as remarkable in much less obvious ways.
When Allen was knocked out of his wheelchair Endal put Allen into the recovery position and went for help.
Endal changed Allen's life in so many ways, his speech had to improve to enable him to communicate with his best friend and today Allen certainly has no trouble stringing his sentences together and is extremely articulate. Endal inspired so many people around the world - he showed us that even when things look very, very dark the love of a good dog can still make a massive difference.
Endal's love inspired Allen to start a new charity called Hounds for Heroes so that other people in similar sad situations can experience the Endal effect, too.
Endal has a tribute page on this blog - click here if you'd like to leave a message.
Our Endal awards want to recognise amazing dogs and people and help promote Allen's fantastic new charity.
The winners will be presented with their awards at the London Pet Show. An exciting new event at Olympia - 7th and 8th May 2011.


joanne lawrence said…
hi are they going to be tickets available to come along to the show, sounds realy interesting
Beverley Cuddy said…
Yes! If you click on the link you can order tickets - and quote DT2 when booking you can even get a discount!
Matron said…
I'm going to email you with a nomination. I know of a wonderful organisation.
Anonymous said…
emailed nomination i have a wonderfull vet

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