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Don't Cook the Dog Campaign

If you are looking for info on this we are updating the first blog rather than writing new ones so people always get the right info no matter what link they click.

Here is the blog link

If you scroll down you'll also read the breaking news about the change to the Pet Passport coming in January 2011 which will mean there is no longer that 6 month wait after the rabies vaccination. No time for editorial comment on this subject apart from a short cheer as it has been madness that we've been out of step with most of the rest of Europe all this time.

Pet Passport comes into line with Europe - no 6 month wait from Jan 1

From Defra: 
It will become cheaper and easier to travel abroad with pets when new rules are introduced at the start of next year.

The UK will harmonise its pet movement rules with the rest of the European Union from 1 January 2012, bringing the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme into line with the most recent science. The UK will maintain its high level of protection against animal diseases after the changes, which have the potential to save pet owners around £7 million in fees.

Forcing pets to spend six months in quarantine, a practice dating from the 1800s, is no longer necessary because of vastly improved rabies vaccines and treatments.

All pets will still need to be vaccinated against rabies. Pets from the EU and listed non-EU countries such as the USA and Australia will no longer need a blood test and will only have to wait 21 days before they travel. Pets from unlisted non-EU countries such as India, Brazil and South Africa will be able to enter the UK if they meet certain strict criteria to ensure they are protected against rabies, including a blood test and a three-month wait before they enter the UK.

The changes will ensure the risk of rabies coming to the UK remains extremely low. It’s estimated that the new rules mean there would be one case of rabies in a pet in the UK once every 211 years, with the possibility of a person dying from rabies obtained from a pet once in every 21,000 years.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said:

“The UK’s quarantine system was designed to combat the threat of rabies in the 19th century and has now been left far behind by scientific advances. It’s time we changed these outdated rules which have caused hardship to generations of pets and pet owners, and those who rely on assistance dogs, with too many animals cooped up unnecessarily.

“What is needed is a simpler, evidence-based system for protecting the UK from rabies which recognises the actual risk to pets and pet owners. The EU’s pet movement scheme has been working very well for nearly a decade, and it makes sense for us to have similar rules. It means the UK will remain protected from rabies and other exotic diseases while making it easier and cheaper for people to take their pets abroad.”

Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said:

“Rabies is a very serious human disease and the rabies-free status of the UK must be protected. The pet travel scheme provides important protection of public health by ensuring that pets entering the UK are free of rabies and other infections.

“Scientific evidence shows that there is a robust alternative to quarantine in preventing rabies incursion from those countries where there is a high incidence of rabies and good reason for changing our very precautionary rules. The EU pet travel rules have been successful in preventing any cases of rabies occurring in legally moved pets since the scheme started, so harmonising the UK’s rules with those of the EU will make it easier for those who wish to travel with their pets.

“It is important to continue to protect the public against the risk of serious exotic tapeworm infections and the government is pressing to retain our tapeworm controls for pets entering the UK. The wider public health risks from exotic tick-borne infections and the need for tick controls for pets entering the UK will be kept under review.”

The UK has been discussing with the European Commission the most appropriate form of tapeworm controls for dogs, to ensure the UK continues to be protected from Echinococcus multilocularis. The Commission has recently indicated that its proposals, expected shortly, would enable the UK and other tapeworm-free countries to retain tapeworm controls, with a requirement that animals be treated between one and five days before returning to the UK.

Tick treatment for pet animals returning to the UK will no longer be required. All pet owners travelling abroad with their animals should discuss with their vets the use of treatments, including those designed to control ticks as part of good animal health practice.

The UK, along with Ireland, Sweden and Malta, has an exemption from the standard EU pet travel rules. They are all harmonising their entry rules with the rest of the EU at the same time as the UK.

What needs doing - now (first) and Jan 2012 (second):
  Rabies vaccination
Documentation (pet passport or third country certificate)
  Blood test (dogs and cats)
  Pre-entry waiting period
  Length of waiting period before entry to the UK
   6 months from date sample taken for blood test
    21 days after vaccination against rabies
  Tick treatment
   Yes (24-48 hours before embarkation)
  Tapeworm treatment
   Yes (as for ticks)
   Under consideration at European level
Entry rules for pets entering the UK from unlisted non-EU countries:
   All pets from unlisted third countries are licensed into quarantine for 6 months and vaccinated against rabies on arrival
  Rabies vaccination
  Blood test
   Yes. Blood sample taken at least 30 days after vaccination.
  Documentation ( third country certificate)
  Pre-entry waiting period
  Length of waiting period before entry to the UK
    3 months after blood sample date
  Tick treatment
  Tapeworm treatment
   Under consideration at European level

From the BVA:

Defra has announced that new rules on pet travel will be introduced from 1st January 2012. The changes will mean that the rules on rabies vaccination for entry into the UK will be in line with the rest of Europe.

Defra has carried out a scientific risk assessment to find out how the changes will affect the level of risk of rabies entering the UK. Although the probability of rabies introduction into the UKwill increase, the assessment found the risk to still be very low after the increase.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) are informing their members of the new rules so that the right advice can be given to pet owners planning to travel abroad with their animals.

Dogs, cats and pet ferrets entering the UK from an EU or ‘listed’ third country from 1 January 2012 must:

  • be microchipped
  • be vaccinated against rabies
  • have waited 21 days after vaccination before entering
  • have an EU Pet Passport

The current requirement to carry out a blood test followed by a six-month wait before entry into the UK will no longer be required.

From 1st January pets entering from a non-listed third country must pass a blood test 30 days after vaccination followed by a three-month wait.

Until now, the UK, Ireland and three other Member States have had derogations from EU pet travel rules to allow for additional controls to protect against rabies, ticks and tapeworms.

Successful vaccination programmes in wildlife in mainland Europe have now allowed the UK to consider whether the additional controls for rabies are still necessary.

The BVA and BSAVA have continued to lobby in Europe for additional controls to be maintained for tapeworms, which could introduce Echinococcus multilocularis to the UK – a significant public health concern.

Although a final decision has not yet been made the European Commission has indicated that it will support the UK case for additional tapeworm controls.

Commenting, Harvey Locke, President of the BVA, said:

“It is vital that any controls on animal movements are proportionate to the risk.

“Due to the highly successful vaccination programme in wildlife in mainland Europe there has been a huge reduction in the incidence in rabies. Research carried out by Defra reveals that the risk of introducing rabies under the new rules is very low.

 “However, it is essential that pet owners get good veterinary advice when planning to take their animals abroad because pets can be exposed to a number of diseases not currently endemic in the UK, for example leishmaniasis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis.

“As part of responsible ownership we would always advise pet owners to visit their vet for a pre-travel consultation to discuss how to protect the health and welfare of their animals when travelling abroad.”

Andrew Ash, President of the BSAVA, added:

“The Pet Travel Scheme has been highly successful in keeping the UK free of rabies. BVA andBSAVA have been working closely with Defra to ensure that any changes to the pet travel rules do not threaten our disease-free status.

“The rabies vaccine has advanced and now has a longer duration of immunity and we welcome the continuing requirement for all pets to be vaccinated before travel.”


Notes to editors

1. More information is available on the Defra website, including a leaflet for pet owners:

2. A Q&A for vets is available on the AHVLA website:

3. Defra is writing to all Official Veterinarians to explain the changes and the BVA and BSAVAare contacting members to inform them

4. The BVA AWF leaflet ‘Taking your pet abroad’ will be updated to explain the changes. The current edition provides information on a number of diseases encountered abroad:

5. For more information please contact the BVA Media Office on 020 7908 6340

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Don't just get mad... stop it ever happening again

I know some of you are impatient or in a rush - if you want  to order stickers/posters etc you can on the new website

but please do read on and keep coming back because this campaign is moving very quickly! New content added most days. 

Latest news:
It is probably time for you guys to move over to the fantastic
new website created by our sticker designer @missyredboots Judith Broug. for the latest news & to learn what to do if you find a dog in distress. 

For one thing, I’m overseas at the moment and for some reason I can no longer alter this blog from Portugal... And another, we get much more space on the new website and gorgeous design!

Here is the link:

Do please keep coming back to this blog though, now we’ve been introduced!

The latest endorsements...

Richard Allport, Vet 

 "I can still recall as a newly qualified vet seeing my first case of heat stroke in a dog that had been left in a car. The dog died, everyone involved was devastated, and yet several decades on these situations continue to occur. They are completely preventable, and as usual Dogs Today takes the lead in helping to stamp out these tragedies. Well done DT and I hope this campaign is 100% successful"

Peter Neville, Dog behaviourist... 

“This issue needs constant pressure to remind all owners and Dogs Today is the perfect voice to shout it loud, as ever. It's so easy to get caught out in British weather...what starts out as a cool day can suddenly turn fatal for a dog left in a car in the sun even with a window left a little open. But I think all owners need a sticker on the inside of the car where they can see it as they get out to remind them too, because I'm sure that only sadist would deliberately leave their dog to bake. All the terrible cases where dogs get so distressed or die seem to be due to negligence due to forgetfulness, or a momentary simple lack of forethought by otherwise good owners. They too need protection from their own failings... how terrible it must feel to live with the fact that one's own moment of negligence caused the death of one's own dog.

“I once acted as an expert witness in a case where a dog had apparently jumped into the back of his owner's car without him knowing. He went off to work and the dog baked to death, which he didn't find til he came back to his large estate car hours later. I found it hard to believe that a dog could jump in without the owner knowing, but as the case unfolded, the level of distress shown by the owner and descriptions of his dog's normally quiet behaviour were enough to convince the court, and also me, that this had indeed been a terrible accident. The dog of course, had still suffered horribly and died, and the owner still had to live the fact. Maybe a sticker on the inside and the outside might have prevented this tragedy too. Let's stick these things everywhere!!

Allen Parton – Founder of Hounds for Heroes

"If there ever was a campaign that required every one in Dogdom to come together and act as one than this ‘Don't Cook Your Dog’ campaign has to be it.
“Together we can prevent further suffering  of our faithful canine chums, by preventing mindless and thoughtless acts occurring. Shoulder to shoulder, we must all stand together to make a difference and prevent such needless suffering.

 David the Dogman Canine Behaviourist Spain
"If you cannot stand the heat, neither can your pet. THINK!
I am delighted to  be associated with Dogs Today campaign. "

chef Antony Worrall Thompson:
"As patron of a dog rescue charity, it's a subject that’s very close to my heart.  I’m pleased to be able to offer my support to the Dogs Today ‘Don’t Cook Your Dog’ campaign.  Every year in the UK, too many dogs die in hot cars – and as owners we must take responsibility.  We all know dogs should never be left alone in cars, let alone hot cars, so let’s put a stop to this now. If you’re planning a day out with your dog, think carefully about what you are going to do when you arrive, and if it’s not dog friendly, it’s a no go with your four legged friend".

The most productie 24 hours in recent memory....

Last night we needed to raise the substantial funds for a 100,000 sticker reprint to hit the exciting supermarket distribution deadline - not an easy thing made slightly more complex by me being on a family holiday in Portugal! It was as amazing as it was inspiring the reaction this 11th hour appeal got. 

Here are the heroes who said yes and not just yes, but a VERY, VERY quick yes! This has them in chronological order, 
some folks either working very late or very early!

Kennel Club
Dogs Trust
Mutley and Mog online retailers
National Animal Welfare Trust

Isn't it fantastic that we are able to get the stickers into the hands of normal shoppers - the very people who may not yet have heard of this campaign.

Well done too that very large PR company working for free that got the  supermarket deal and Judith Broug for the quick redesign to incorporate the new list of supporters. And just well done everyone for helping and for my family for putting up with me working on holiday!

Yesterday's highlights:
We liked seeing a photo of the poster up in Blue Cross Victoria Hospital (do send us more!):
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

The wonderful Jilly Cooper endorsed our campaign:

“Dogs Today is, as usual, fighting for a better life for dogs. Surely nothing could be worse for a dog than to be trapped in a virtual oven - it would literally boil.   I’m delighted to lend my support to the Don’t Cook your Dog campaign – it’s something that has always upset me, even as a child I remember worrying about dogs left alone in cars in the summer. I believe offenders should be dealt with most severely to reflect the seriousness of the crime.” Jilly Cooper.

More campaign endorsements coming very soon and a new website on the way thanks to our ace sticker designer @missyredboots (Judith Broug) 
... this is really moving so incredibly fast thanks to a team of fantastic people!

The first 50,000 stickers have landed! And we already need to order 100,000 more!


The vast majority of the 100,000 stickers will be distributed free of charge by a VERY major national supermarket chain (identity embargoed!) who has agreed to support the campaign in 314 stores. 

It is a massive opportunity to reach the general public in a totally new way and we need to press print in the next 24 hours to meet the supermarket's launch deadline. Would your company like to be associated with this hugely significant campaign? Would be fantastic to show altruism and unity in response to this issue. 

 Two huge things happened yesterday - as hinted above a VERY major retailer came on board and a Celeb chef, too! Both still embargoed, but thrilling times indeed! Thank you very much major altruistic PR company working Pro-Bono for negotiating both of these two significant breakthroughs!

Newish: Our brilliant viral commercial produced by actor and dog lover Simon John-Gibbons - @syjohngibbons on Twitter

Still pretty new...Campaign merchandise!
(Why not become a moving poster while you shop with this bag? 
Click here to go to the merchandise shop - for free stickers and posters they're still on the usual link click here )

Other of today's highlights...
Wood Green, Blue Cross and the Kennel Club join the campaign
 and some hints from the Puppy Whisperer book...

You must have heard about two police dogs who died in a car last Sunday morning. It has made many dog lovers livid. The fact that another dog in this same man's care had apparently died the same terrible way a few years ago has made normally law abiding dog owners incandescent with rage.
That morning on Twitter we were all sharing our feelings of despair and disgust about how lessons have still not been learned. That some people still imagine that cranking the window down an inch will somehow prevent these atrocities.
How do you get the message over that it is NEVER acceptable to leave your dog in a car on a warm day?
And then there was a flash of inspiration. Many years ago the RSPCA did a demo of how hot a Volvo estate gets even with the tailgate up and all the windows down. They proved that within a very short period a dog actually starts cooking. And this led to the idea that a TV chef would really help get this terrible message across to people.
Maybe repeat the RSPCA experiment with a chunk of raw meat and see how long before it starts to cook and put a timeline on it.

It amazes me how many people still risk leaving their dogs in the car and think a window down will stop it happening.

Here's some helpful hints highlighted to us by one of our valued campaign supporters:

"If the temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) outside on a hot summer days, the inside of the car can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius)within half an hour. Your puppy can suffer brain damage or death if her body temperature reaches 107 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only 5 to 7 degrees above normal body temperature. (A dog’s normal temperature ranges between 100 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 - 39.1 degrees Celsius).”

·         Always carry water with you

·         If it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit
(30 degrees Celsius) or warmer, no walking between 11am and 5pm

·         In temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), walks should be of a short duration and in shade

·         If the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, then it is too hot for your puppy’s paws”
Both extracts from Paul Owens and Terence Cranendonk, The Puppy Whisperer, 

The RSPCA gave their support for this campaign on day one. And we've just received this lovely email from Dogs Trust chief executive Clarissa Baldwin:
"It is unacceptable that every summer we are made aware of dogs that have experienced the most excruciating deaths by being left in hot cars. I share our supporters' distress and anger every time I hear of a dog who has suffered so unnecessarily. Despite repeated warnings, public outrage and very high profile media cases - the message clearly isn't getting through to all dog owners. 
"Sometimes people need to be jolted into action and we're hopeful that Dogs Today's 'Don't cook your dog' campaign will force owners to view their cars as potential ovens on hot days. Temperatures can reach over 40 degrees in a car and this extreme heat can kill a dog within just twenty minutes. We need people to realise that opening a window a couple of inches is not an acceptable measure to protect a dog. Lets hope dog lovers join Dogs Trust in supporting the campaign so this time next year we're not faced with more tragic deaths of 'cooked dogs'."
In addition the Digi Team are going to get active.
Please could we have 500 car stickers to start with (if too many then cut me down.)
Good luck with the campaign.
Best wishes
Clarissa Baldwin OBE
Dogs Trust - A Dog Is For Life
Chief Executive of Wood Green, Dennis Baker OBE said:
“Wood Green, The Animals Charity fully supports the ‘Don’t Cook Your Dog Campaign’ as well as its parallel campaign ‘Dogs Die in Hot Cars’.
During the warmer months a dog can die in a hot car in less than 20 minutes. We would remind people that under the Animal Welfare Act, pet owners have a legal duty to care for their animal and if they put their animal at risk, they could face prosecution.
Please be responsible pet owners this summer and leave your pets at home with a frozen Kong!"
Mark Bossley, chief vet at The Blue Cross said: 
"The Blue Cross warns dog owners every year about the dangers of leaving their pet in a car on warm days, yet tragic incidents continue to happen. Cars act like greenhouses so the heat builds up very quickly and dogs begin to suffer within minutes. Vets see cases of pets with heat exhaustion far too often and we strongly support the 'Don't Cook Your Dog' campaign. Animals can struggle terribly in the heat so avoid taking dogs on long walks and never leave them in the car, even if you have the windows open. If you see a dog left in a car on a hot day and cannot locate their owner, seek advice from the police." 
And just in from the Kennel Club:
"The Kennel Club welcomes the ‘Don’t Cook Your Dog’ campaign and is very pleased to support it.  Despite ongoing educational campaigns from many dog related bodies – including the Kennel Club – some owners still believe that their dog is safe left in the car with a few inches of window open and a bowl of water.  Owners need to be extra vigilant when travelling with their dogs even in warm weather as it doesn’t have to be particularly hot for dogs to suffer from heatstroke in a vehicle.  We sincerely hope that by everyone lending their support to one campaign we can put a stop to the tragic cases of dogs dying in hot cars that we hear of every year."

Yes - it does keeps happening doesn't it. We've just heard that another dog has died - how many die without it ever getting into the press? Here is an extract from the story published by This is Wiltshire.

In Chippenham a Yorkshire Terrier was left in a Ford Mondeo parked in the Iceland car park on Saturday afternoon. An employee at a local shop, who didn’t want to be named, said: “A passer by went over and put his hand through the window to open the door but it was too late by then.
“The car had been parked for about an hour and 20 minutes from about 3pm.”
Police were called and spoke to the owner, who lives in the Nursteed area of Devizes.
An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “All too often, owners make the mistake of thinking that it is sufficient to leave a bowl of water or a window open for their pet but this is not enough to protect your pet from heatstroke.
“Our message is: Dogs die in hot cars. Don’t leave your dog alone in a car.”

It's a terrible way to die. Let's stop it happening. I think cases are usually under-reported - we normally only hear if it's a policeman involved. It's only since awareness has been raised that recent cases have been hitting the nationals? Only today we hear that a staggering 500 children have died in hot cars! How rarely has that been reported? Click here to see the full story.

I am indebted to Kate Price, owner of the famous Olive the Pug,  for undertaking this experiment. 

Sunday 3rd July 11.15 am. Car in sun front two windows open 

Outside temp in sun 29 degrees centigrade at 11.15am

11.20am in car,  front two windows open 31 degrees c

11.25 am two front windows open 35 degrees C

11.30am. Two front windows open 40 degrees C

Shut car windows for 5 mins 11.35am 45 degrees C

Now opened all 4 windows to typical height

Four windows open, 11.40am......42 degrees C

On back shelf of car in direct sun, all four windows open. 
It only took a few mins to reach over 50 degrees Centigrade.

Cars are ovens. 
On Victoria Stilwell's facebook page someone talking about our campaign mentioned that their kids have baked cookies on the dashboard... says it all really.

Please be careful on hot days generally...
And it's not just cars that are death traps in hot weather, news just in of a Golden Retriever tragedy: ‎"It was 4pm, so absolutely not the hottest part of the day - prob about 25 C - but humid. Ruby was only in the wheat field a short time hunting but came out panting very heavily and plonked herself down on the grass in the shade. Owner put her on the lead to walk her back and she collapsed. Rushed to the vet who dx'd heat stroke. She came home the next day but was very poorly. Brightened a little after two days then took turn for the worse and had to be PTS."  Please be very careful exercising dogs on hot days, especially dogs with high prey drives who may push themselves too far. The owners of Ruby are totally devastated but still wanted their story told to hopefully prevent other deaths.

Here's the sticker we've produced, thank you so much to @missyredboots Judith Broug for all her hard work designing this so quickly and putting up with my million or so changes of wording.

We are having this sticker printed and the August edition of Dogs Today (out second Thursday in July) will have a coupon showing how to order them and in the September magazine we hope to have the actual stickers inserted free of charge for all our UK readers. (Please scroll down for how to order these stickers now and for how to get an A3 poster or an instant downloadable one...)
The campaign has really taken off with versions being adapted for many different countries too! We are delighted to announce that one of Britian's biggest PR agencies has agreed to work on the campaign pro bono (or maybe Pro Bonio!). One of the early ideas is for a doggie happening in London next week to launch the sticker campaign. A doggie flash mob? Would you  take part? Any other bright ideas very clever doggie folk? Anyone able to get a TV chef on board with this campaign? Thank you so much for Stephen Fry for joining in the campaign with a spectacular retweet.


You can click here 

Stickers and posters are free, we only ask for p and p which you can now pay by worldpay. 
We can take orders for UK, Europe and non EU overseas from 1 to 500 stickers*. 
Please note that the first price bracket is £5 for up to 15 stickers. It's uneconomic to take a credit card booking for less than this amount and it cost more than £1,500 to bring thestickers to this country so please note this is just a contribution to their transit cost. If you only want one sticker please just send us a large SAE and we'll post you one - but why not take the 15 and give them to friends and family!

The first 1,000 people in the UK who order stickers 
will also be sent a FREE copy of our magazine as a thank you! 

(Wish we could afford to post freebies overseas but if you'd like to see a copy and follow news of the campaign for only 59p you can get an iPad edition from the App store or from Pocketmags if you want online  but don't have an iPad etc)
(*Stickers have now arrived! We have used the biggest printers possible to get the best price to enable us to be able to absorb the cost of production, but we are only little and we do need to charge for postage and packing. ) 

If ordering from outside the UK:

If you'd like to print your own in bulk and want us to change the wording to a different language contact - we want this campaign to go international, we want this to help as many dogs as possible.

Please order or download your free posters now!
Click here

While we wait for actual stickers to be delivered we have lovely A3 posters we can send you or an A4 poster you can download at home and print out. It would be fantastic if you can get these up in pet shops, vets, groomers, libraries, supermarkets etc. 

If you can't download from the click here button for any reason email: "poster" to and she'll send you a pdf!
(Some inventive people are laminating them and using them as temporary car stickers!)

Our A3 printed posters have now arrived!

We send you 10  in an A3 posting tube. Again buy via this link Click here or phone during office hours to use a card 01276 858880 for any of the items.

 How to get even more involved:
Even though the office is only manned Mon-Friday, 9am till 5.30pm you will find me and others from the campaign on twitter and facebook outside these hours!

Do please join us there as there is so much you can do RTing the message of the day or sharing this link on your facebook account.

Do say hello on Twitter @beverleycuddy and on facebook - just go to the Dogs Today magazine page. (There's a panel to the right you can just click on to go there!) 

It's wonderful to see how many of you have already put your posters up and are spreading the word. Please do email me photos of stickers in cars and posters you have put up - we'll be putting some of these in the next issue of the magazine. (My email is

 How to get the Blog and Website Button

Could you link to this page from your website to show you support the campaign? We now have a button - either Click here or email if you'd like to be sent the gif and the weblink address - put "button" in the subject please!

Or if you prefer not to order online or want more than 1,000 car stickers scroll down to the very end, but don't miss anything! Keep reading...

Media coverage so far:

I was on ITV Daybreak's sofa last Wednesday talking about this issue hopefully puncturing the myth that dropping your window while you nip to the shops would save your dogs life.  Here's the clip from Wednesday's ITV Daybreak if you missed it.

Also - before you go please do check out this link... we are desperate to find a London foster home for Rosie - do click to read more - her homeless OAP owner was sleeping in her car with her dogs as she didn't want to give them up - the council halfway house wasn't dog friendly. You'll also get a heartwarming yet sad update about Milo the other foster dog... and just generally if you love dogs, just give it a read - you may know someone who is dog-less for eth summer who could be a foster mum or dad!

Thank you to Karen Wild for recording this and putting it on You Tube, really helpful!

If you want just one sticker you can send us

****an A5-size or bigger stamped self addressed envelope to:*****

"Send me a Sticker", 
Dogs Today, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ. 

If you don't want to order on line

If you would like us to post you a sticker or stickers but don't want to order online (even though the bank costs are cheaper for us and we don't have to re-key your address and you get a free magazine if you're the first 1,000 to order) you can either phone us in office hours 01276 858880 or:

Please send a cheque 
payable to Dogs Today for £5 to cover postage and packing for anything up to 15 stickers
If you want between 16 and 50 stickers please send a cheque for £10
If you want between 51 and 500 stickers please send a cheque for £15
If you want between 501 and 1,000 stickers please send a cheque for £20 

If you are interested in bulk distribution ie more than 1,000 stickers - perhaps you are a retailer, petfood manufacturer or a charity for example or you have another amazing idea... please contact and put "Bulk distribution" in the subject line.

Include your name, address and a daytime telephone number and state clearly how many stickers you would like and either a SAE or a cheque for the postage or phone us 01276 858880 during office hours.
"Send me a Sticker", 
Dogs Today, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ. 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

You really could not make it up... continued

The Mail on Sunday has returned to the story again this week with some amazing revelations that make the last few weeks seem almost normal by comparison.
Here is the link

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Out of the car and on with the journey...

The Camden Two are now both in foster care and Dee can concentrate on getting housed and organised. Hopefully never again will this lovely OAP spend another night in her car with her beloved dogs.
Rosie is really very settled with Lorna and is having a lovely time (this pic gives a clue!). She'll be having a week with Bernice will Lorna goes away and we're hoping to get an Animal Aunt in to sit with her while Lorna is at work as Rosie has been a bit distressed when left, so we think that company during the day may get her through this week a bit more smoothly before she's back again with Lorna. Their Tailwaggers Just Giving fund will pick up this bill.
We have some fantastic news about Milo's foster home. Tim and Kia have taken him in and the photos below show what a lovely time is being had by all.

Tim and Kia regularly walk and look after Cleo a Ridgeback/Rottie cross and the two dogs seem to have already become great pals.

Tim and Kia will take Milo over to the PDSA in Hendon for his appointments and as you might be able to see he does have quite a large fast-growing lump.

Tim and Kia will keep us updated on life with Milo and I'll be keeping in touch with Dee to find out how she's getting on, too.

Can I thank all the lovely people who have rallied to come to Dee's aid. I know she is incredibly grateful and really touched by this. It must be devastating to find yourself homeless and in debt and to struggle to keep your best friends with you. It is a huge relief for her to know they are not just safe they are being treated like royalty.
You lot really are the best and in a difficult week receiving these happy pix of Milo has cheered me up no end and reminded me that there are some really wonderful people in this world - genuine people who actually do operate under their real names!
Big, big thank you to superstar Jemima Harrison for suggesting Tim and Kia at a time when I was beginning to despair at finding anyone in central London who could help get Milo to his much needed vet's appointments!
Jem does so many kind things for dogs and people in an incredibly busy life - that no one normally ever hears about. It really does upset me when idiots who have never even met her objectify her and run her down on cowardly 'secret' facebook forums designed to supress the making of her next TV documentary on pedigree dog health.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Good morning everyone from an unfairly maligned Rottie...

If you're still fascinated by the ghastly Mail on Sunday article - please see those blog links for the very full and unexpurgated story - plus there's an important update beneath that.

I would emphasise that despite my use of humour this has been an unbelievably harrowing experience for me and my family and the unnecessary turmoil and drama of the imaginary world 'Lizette' created has been incredibly time consuming. I wrote these blogs at the time in an attempt to be able to see the funny side of a very shocking series of events.
I have never raised my voice to her, never typed an angry word, never made any threats.
Just calmly and politely asked her to stop claiming to be the first and only dog magazine in Surrey.
I never EVER phoned this woman.
I still bear her no malice and refused to compare her to a breed of dog when taunted by the journalist even though I knew she had already called me a Rottweiler, (a much unfairly maligned breed in any case!)
I really do feel sorry for 'Lizette' or Roxanne Elizabeth Roux, 51 as the owner of the magazine is really called according to Companies House - now who is that? No, I don't want to know, really! I've had enough surprises!
However, the MOS article's brevity means the full picture has been sacrificed in the desire to get a funny lightweight story in the paper without revealing too much of the actual truth. Here's the story - please read at your leisure with a large pot of tea. I would also like to point out that despite how it appears to have come out in the paper,  I have absolutely nothing against page 3 girls and actually know one very well who is very sensible and has appeared in our magazine with her clothes on most of the time - there was one shoot where she did bare all though! For a piece on dog fur being used in fashion - very arty it was!

The most recent development is that Lizette (or Roxanne) is very, very upset according to Twitter and the police.
She phoned PC Graham up in floods of tears yesterday morning.
Lizette had told PC Graham that her Mum had very sadly died this week - specifically on Wednesday 15th June.
He thought I should know as a fellow human being.
He left an answerphone message and it confused me so I checked Lizette's twitter feed before I phoned him back.
I had not Twittered or Blogged about Lizette for some time.
PC Graham is not on Twitter. He was unaware that Lizette had already tweeted on June 12th:
"2 the bullies that taunt me - as my mum said - who died 4 wks ago - they can make you cry but they can't make you quit. Love you mum xxx"
So PC Graham had been totally unaware of apparently a second mother dying five weeks earlier even though five weeks earlier there had been no mention of this death on Lizette's timeline - although Seve Ballesteros's passing was recorded and mourned and some wake boarding was mentioned - unless that had a funereal connotation
There was worse news to come with Thursday 16th June's Tweet...

"Great Day at races. But just have to come down to earth. Organising my My mum and dads' funeral next week. Horrible.Loved them both so much. "

As someone who has lost both their parents to cancer not long enough ago for it not to still to feel very raw I would empathise entirely with anyone who has lost their parents, but I concede I only had to endure them dying once each so cannot imagine what Lizette is going through.
Grief does effect people in many different ways and confusion and irrational behaviour may be a symptom and I am genuinely sorry for Liz's loss whenever it was. But unless this all dates back to February it still doesn't explain away this very bizarre and distressing series of events.
I am obviously not the first and only human being in Surrey, but I am still a bit annoyed about this woman making false accusations about me to the police in an attempt to get publicity for her new business venture. And I have to say I have not the slightest interest in whether she was a nun or a page three girl. Still terribly bad form to make things up and waste the police's time.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dash the Dog Show already making a splash!

Daily Mail coverage of today's Dash the Dog Show is already online!
Most dogs were not actually wearing any clothing, despite the photographs!
Thank you to everyone who came along and took part in a fantastically eccentric day in the most beautiful setting possible. Such a hard job judging the Prince Charming class, but my heart was stolen by Grizzle a rescue Greyhound. His owner said he was her Prince Charming as he was the only man in her life and the only one she ever wanted!
Tired now so off to bed, will upload pix tomorrow. If you took any good ones please email me we'll publish the best ones and give a prize for the best one we receive! Hope you and your dogs had a lovely day and the occasional bouts of sharing tents during rain and hail storms just meant we all got time to talk to each other.
During one very prolonged downpour  our tent contained Pippa and Buddy (and Mum) from BGT - we almost asked for a rendition of Singing in the Rain, but didn't want to push our luck!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Do you want to be on TV?

BBC Three Comedy looking to cast people and their pets. Do you look like your pet?  Are people always surprised when they meet you and your pet as you are not stereotypically suited? Do you have an unusual pet? If you are proud of your pets or think they are extraordinary then please get in touch.  
Email Laura at We will pay anyone who is cast.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Can you take Rosie and/or Milo?

Dee is an OAP with mobility problems. She's ended up in London with her two elderly dogs and the council emergency housing hostel doesn't take dogs so she has been locking the dogs in the car overnight when she can't find anyone to take them for a sleepover. The dogs are her world. She contacted all the usual charities and only if she gave the dogs up for adoption would they help.
She was able to pay £10 a night for a professional to take the dogs for the night but she just couldn't find anyone in Camden to take them in. Via her vet and a friendly dog sitter she found me. I'd tried to help the dog sitter in the past with another difficult to solve case.
A couple of weeks ago I started looking for fosters for the two dogs and thought we'd got it all boxed off last time, but the foster home has fallen through and Dee is back with the only option of putting the dogs in the car and then walking the streets all day with her two dogs.

Sadly Rosie, neutered 11 year old collie/sheltie cross was clashing with Sergei in the lovely foster home we found earlier in the week. A Sergei is only little, Caroline and Mercedes are worried about leaving the pack alone - hence the need to move Rosie on urgently. We have an offer of a home with no other dogs from Monday but there is a gap to fill. Is anyone able to take Rosie today (Tuesday) - until Friday. She's in central London at the moment and current foster can transport if it's today. To make things slightly more complex, I am not around today to coordinate. Mercedes is on Twitter - shes @mercedesccs so if you can help can you give her a shout? Rosie is not great with cats (chases) and by the the looks of things small dogs or any dogs that aren't assertive enough to put her in her place. So ideally house with no cats or small dogs, or even no dogs. Could be a dog sitter or a kennels as we have a growing fighting fund.

Here's Rosie, who is sweet with people and not much bother according to Mercedes and Caroline. Here's little Sergei who has put up with being told off in his own home....he does look like he's had enough in this picture!

So that just leaves us Milo the seven year old neutered Jack Russell needing a foster home. He's got a few vet appointments he needs to go to at the PDSA so ideally he needs to be London. He chases cats but is otherwise pretty easy going. Doesn't like being woken up though, but few of us do.

UPDATE (16/06/11)
One Wednesday Rosie moved in with Lorna in Hackney. She works from home and lives opposite a huge park and as she has been dogless since April when she lost her beloved Jack Russell LouLou at the age of 18. Here's a photo of Rosie reclining on Lorna's sofa!
Last night Lorna's husband shared his pork chops with Rosie so she does seem to have somewhat landed on her feet!

On Friday Milo is meeting two other Jack Russells with a view to becoming their foster brother if hackles aren't raised. (This home came about when lovely @StarbucksMD retweeted my appeal for a foster home, @MegMatthews, Dawn Porter and several other very lovely celebs and just fantastic doggie folk passed on the appeal). A lovely man called Mick is going to be on standby on Friday evening just in case things don't work out as otherwise Dee said she and Milo would be spending the night in the car again. But of course we wouldn't let that happen!  We also have a couple of very kind people waiting in the wings ready to step in if either Rosie or Milo needs it.

Thank you to everyone who has retweeted this appeal or posted the details on a forum or gave fostering advice. It's been such a pleasure to talk to so many kind and lovely people over the last couple of weeks and it just shows what the dog community can achieve when they all pull in the same direction. I am sure Dee will never forget this kindness and you can already see the appreciation in Rosie's face!

Well done everyone and I'll keep you informed of how they are both doing.

We recently started an emergency fund for this case via Tailwaggers Club Trust the link for this should anyone need help with petrol, food, or emergency kennels

Any funds not needed in this case will be used on other urgent Tailwaggers cases.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

What would Agatha Christie make of it all?

Now I was always a big fan of Miss Marple. Wouldn't it have been fantastic if Agatha had set one of her stories in the torrid, and well, some would say, (not me, obviously) 'funky' world of pet publishing. 

Our small and fairly normal magazine world seems to have recently been infiltrated by a new, very glamorous, talented breed of publisher with an unrivaled interest in the popular music that apparently the younger folk like to call 'rap'.
This beauty apparently turned all the existing ugly dog magazine editors into green-eyed monsters - which is a slightly confusing concept as at the same time, this new thrusting publisher refused to even acknowledge that some of those other magazines have ever actually existed.

But, sadly, dear Agatha didn't see the untapped potential, perhaps one day an unfinished manuscript will emerge... but until then, I'm afraid you've just got me.

Late last night there was a very disturbing comment posted on this very blog.

It would seem that there had been an attempt to silence one of our number. 

Would every voice on Twitter be picked off one by one - like the Christie classic 'Death on the Nile?"

@BoredomBusters had received this email.
I reproduce it here for you all to examine more closely...

Hi Linda,

Unfortunately, you have been brought into this case regarding Beverley Cuddy.  The Surrey Police are monitoring any links with Ms Cuddy to Surrey Dog Life.  So you will be called and contacted next week regarding your comments.  (The Crime no. is 0H112820)

You do not know myself or Surrey Dog Life to give an ‘opinion or judge’ and am sorry you have been brought into this case.  Maybe if you want to chat I am happy to do so next week.  Ms Cuddy has brought this all upon herself and has used every angle to try and bring our magazine down including threats from her staff through jealously.

I do not know you and I do not know how you can call me Mad or a Troll.

Life is difficult enough and running your own business is daunting.  I wish you well but as I said the Surrey Police will be contacting you shortly.

Kindest regards

Lizette Roux
Editor in Chief & Publisher
Surrey Dog Life
I am sure many of you are hugely disappointed that this isn't a more classic, early Lizette. She appears to have, at last, found the spellchecker. 

But it does delight in so many other ways. 

First she alleges that Linda called her a 'troll'. That is true.
But Linda stopped short of 'mad'. 
Although Lizette had obviously, very politely, called Linda "dum". 
And Lizette said the mispelling was intentional... this must mean something to move evolved folk, but I'm not getting the irony.

Linda has decided to laminate this exchange and display it prominently. Others on this blog have already expressed that vice which all dog magazine editors are apparently burdened with - jealously. (Shakes head in shame)

Miss Marple would normally have an afternoon tea at this point to ponder, but I know we all have very busy lives and frankly fish puns don't conjugate themselves, so I'll get on with it. 

It seems that things are advancing at quite a heady pace. 

No longer is it just an undercover secret police investigation, so secret that even the Woking Police force and specifically PC Graham don't know anything about it, but Lizette has obviously (perhaps by grace of her connection to the 'planet's most famous rapper') has gone into closed court with a judge (who must have been just dazzled by her talent and beauty as we all have been). And this wise judge must have pronounced that it is now officially a CRIME in Surrey to ask Lizette Roux to stop saying they she edits the first and only dog magazine in this county. 

You, or I, might read the above letter and just see some quite strange and badly constructed sentences on a computer screen, but Miss M would see what others might dismiss as mere madness. 

She would see a fiendishly sharp mind at work that has cleverly slipped in yet another a witty Fishwife Weekly reference which mocks us all.

"Ms Cuddy has brought this all upon herself and has used every angle to try and bring our magazine down including threats from her staff through jealously. "

For the record I have to reveal here that Linda did very kindly help out at our obviously imaginary office in Surrey three years ago, but I seem to remember we were very, very cruel to her and didn't actually pay her - which is probably why she's prepared to go to jail on our behalf.

Now as if one new piece of evidence wasn't enough, another key clue emerged yesterday. 

It would have been perfect at this juncture for Miss M to get on an unbearably gorgeous train and head out to talk to the shaken recipients of a very, very Special Delivery. 
But you'll have to imagine it as I don't yet have the filming schedule for "It's a Dog's Life being the first* and only** (in Surrey)"  

(It's not a great title is it? Which is possibly why the movie mogels have been slow to bite on it. Could be the very small print you'd need at the bottom of the screen which puts them off. Those hard to ignore details. That *actually it was the second and  ** there is another one. Or it could be that since One flew over the Cuckoo's nest was such a hit the genre of films of that type has pretty much been a box office desert.
So imagine the scene instead.)

In a sleepy village on the Welsh border, an impossibly photogenic, bright and plucky eight-year-old young girl was surprised to receive an important communication from Lizette Roux.

It contained several upper case pronouncements with revelations about how many dog magazines there were in Surrey and, in which order the dashing Lizette thought they had been conceived. 

(Some of them were in green font and emboldened. But even to a child it was most clear that Lizette wasn't going to accept her new tag line of second dog magazine in Surrey lying down, standing up or indeed while dancing  to the rap music she so obviously loves according to her hypnotic Twitter feed.)

The letter revealed that the vile 'Beverley Cuddy' had dared to send Surrey Dogs Life £10 via paypal to secure a subscription to her publication. And that due to an ongoing police investigation Lizette was forbidden from accepting this filthy lucre.

I admit it Governor. 

I did indeed try to buy a subscription. 
In fact in a moment of madness I bought two. 
One for the office and one for my chief sub Claire who works remotely.

(By chance it had ended up in a minor's hands as I only had her daughter's name registered on my paypal account from the previous time I had sent her a Webkinz from ebay. (I am bad to the bone.).)
Lizette's crack detective work had sadly had failed to intercept our main office copy. 

And, extra helpfully, she had sent it to us with a letter obviously intended for a potential advertiser!

How low had I sunk?
I know, it was a lot of money for a confusing number of issues. 
What was I thinking? 
Was I trying to buy her friendship? 
Was I hoping not to be found out - fiendishly concealing my identity by using my own paypal account?

Lizette had caught me out big time and she informed young Katie that, you've guessed it, Surrey Police were not only fully aware of this evil gesture, but would be using it in their investigation.

But mysteriously the crime number quoted in the letter (which was also copied to Woking Police) was not the same as that quoted in Linda's email.
Is there another felony? 
Am I a recidivist? 
Am I a petty serial offender?

For the record, the letter cited Crime number P11162190 - and the charge 'harassment and aggressiveness to our company."

(I am sure there are now those among you looking through hefty volumes to find that unusually worded law.)

I await a knock on the door and have my bag packed in true Apprentice fashion.

Perhaps I'll take my illicit copy of Surrey Dogs Life with me to read... and March Dogs Monthly just so I can figure out at last which two articles were switched.

So far, I'm not recognising Lizette's lovely writing style and innovative spelling shining out from the pages.

It is a surprisingly normal magazine. I confess I had really high hopes for it being hilariously strange.

But what do I know about the niche pet magazine sector anyway? 

The last 20 years didn't actually happen did they! It was all just a dream.

Now please do sleep soundly tonight and if you have been in any way affected by the scenes revealed here perhaps I could interest you in a subscription to FishWife weekly?