Out of the car and on with the journey...

The Camden Two are now both in foster care and Dee can concentrate on getting housed and organised. Hopefully never again will this lovely OAP spend another night in her car with her beloved dogs.
Rosie is really very settled with Lorna and is having a lovely time (this pic gives a clue!). She'll be having a week with Bernice will Lorna goes away and we're hoping to get an Animal Aunt in to sit with her while Lorna is at work as Rosie has been a bit distressed when left, so we think that company during the day may get her through this week a bit more smoothly before she's back again with Lorna. Their Tailwaggers Just Giving fund will pick up this bill.
We have some fantastic news about Milo's foster home. Tim and Kia have taken him in and the photos below show what a lovely time is being had by all.

Tim and Kia regularly walk and look after Cleo a Ridgeback/Rottie cross and the two dogs seem to have already become great pals.

Tim and Kia will take Milo over to the PDSA in Hendon for his appointments and as you might be able to see he does have quite a large fast-growing lump.

Tim and Kia will keep us updated on life with Milo and I'll be keeping in touch with Dee to find out how she's getting on, too.

Can I thank all the lovely people who have rallied to come to Dee's aid. I know she is incredibly grateful and really touched by this. It must be devastating to find yourself homeless and in debt and to struggle to keep your best friends with you. It is a huge relief for her to know they are not just safe they are being treated like royalty.
You lot really are the best and in a difficult week receiving these happy pix of Milo has cheered me up no end and reminded me that there are some really wonderful people in this world - genuine people who actually do operate under their real names!
Big, big thank you to superstar Jemima Harrison for suggesting Tim and Kia at a time when I was beginning to despair at finding anyone in central London who could help get Milo to his much needed vet's appointments!
Jem does so many kind things for dogs and people in an incredibly busy life - that no one normally ever hears about. It really does upset me when idiots who have never even met her objectify her and run her down on cowardly 'secret' facebook forums designed to supress the making of her next TV documentary on pedigree dog health.


That's fabulous news! So sorry we couldn't manage to make north london but you know where we are now for central/west. Well done fir all your hard work, especially at the moment.
babspanky said…
Very hard for Dee but great to know there are wonderful people that will help.
BH said…
That's really great, must be such a wheight off Dee's mind, I wish allthree of them lots of luck for the future
Brenda H said…
Great news! Must be such a wheight off Dee's mind, I wish all three of them lots of luck for the future

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