You really could not make it up... continued

The Mail on Sunday has returned to the story again this week with some amazing revelations that make the last few weeks seem almost normal by comparison.
Here is the link


Linda Ward said…
I notice they've trotted out some dogs for her this time. Along with a couple of other things that she claims she wants to leave behind. Something tells me this whole thing is a publicity stunt!
Corinna said…
I agree with Linda, smells of fishy PR stunt to me. Guess it is grounded on her believing there is no such thing as bad publicity. Thankfully DTM is the FIRST magazine in Surrey and the ONLY dogs magazine in Surrey to own and use a spell checker!!
Anonymous said…
Hello, Peter and Ben here again. Just won't go away will she.Smacks of a certain ex wife of Mr McCartney to me, seeking nothing more than a lot of attention. This is what she has been doing all her life. Poor woman.
Three words sum up the difference between you Beverly and this woman- You're a Lady.
Keep up the good work.
Regards, Peter. and a big woof from Ben.
Karen Morse said…
I can't believe I totally missed this story! I only knew about this whole pile of dogie doo-doo over the weekend!!!

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