Good morning everyone from an unfairly maligned Rottie...

If you're still fascinated by the ghastly Mail on Sunday article - please see those blog links for the very full and unexpurgated story - plus there's an important update beneath that.

I would emphasise that despite my use of humour this has been an unbelievably harrowing experience for me and my family and the unnecessary turmoil and drama of the imaginary world 'Lizette' created has been incredibly time consuming. I wrote these blogs at the time in an attempt to be able to see the funny side of a very shocking series of events.
I have never raised my voice to her, never typed an angry word, never made any threats.
Just calmly and politely asked her to stop claiming to be the first and only dog magazine in Surrey.
I never EVER phoned this woman.
I still bear her no malice and refused to compare her to a breed of dog when taunted by the journalist even though I knew she had already called me a Rottweiler, (a much unfairly maligned breed in any case!)
I really do feel sorry for 'Lizette' or Roxanne Elizabeth Roux, 51 as the owner of the magazine is really called according to Companies House - now who is that? No, I don't want to know, really! I've had enough surprises!
However, the MOS article's brevity means the full picture has been sacrificed in the desire to get a funny lightweight story in the paper without revealing too much of the actual truth. Here's the story - please read at your leisure with a large pot of tea. I would also like to point out that despite how it appears to have come out in the paper,  I have absolutely nothing against page 3 girls and actually know one very well who is very sensible and has appeared in our magazine with her clothes on most of the time - there was one shoot where she did bare all though! For a piece on dog fur being used in fashion - very arty it was!

The most recent development is that Lizette (or Roxanne) is very, very upset according to Twitter and the police.
She phoned PC Graham up in floods of tears yesterday morning.
Lizette had told PC Graham that her Mum had very sadly died this week - specifically on Wednesday 15th June.
He thought I should know as a fellow human being.
He left an answerphone message and it confused me so I checked Lizette's twitter feed before I phoned him back.
I had not Twittered or Blogged about Lizette for some time.
PC Graham is not on Twitter. He was unaware that Lizette had already tweeted on June 12th:
"2 the bullies that taunt me - as my mum said - who died 4 wks ago - they can make you cry but they can't make you quit. Love you mum xxx"
So PC Graham had been totally unaware of apparently a second mother dying five weeks earlier even though five weeks earlier there had been no mention of this death on Lizette's timeline - although Seve Ballesteros's passing was recorded and mourned and some wake boarding was mentioned - unless that had a funereal connotation
There was worse news to come with Thursday 16th June's Tweet...

"Great Day at races. But just have to come down to earth. Organising my My mum and dads' funeral next week. Horrible.Loved them both so much. "

As someone who has lost both their parents to cancer not long enough ago for it not to still to feel very raw I would empathise entirely with anyone who has lost their parents, but I concede I only had to endure them dying once each so cannot imagine what Lizette is going through.
Grief does effect people in many different ways and confusion and irrational behaviour may be a symptom and I am genuinely sorry for Liz's loss whenever it was. But unless this all dates back to February it still doesn't explain away this very bizarre and distressing series of events.
I am obviously not the first and only human being in Surrey, but I am still a bit annoyed about this woman making false accusations about me to the police in an attempt to get publicity for her new business venture. And I have to say I have not the slightest interest in whether she was a nun or a page three girl. Still terribly bad form to make things up and waste the police's time.


Anonymous said…
Lizette looks quite 'rough' around the edges. Is she unwell? I can see cuts to her arms.
Anonymous said…
I think you should take legal advice and pursue as mud can stick Beverly.

Some crazy people in this world...
Julie Hill said…
Beverley you are indeed a human being - and a very fair, honest one at that. You don't deserve the hastle all this has caused you, and as you point out your family must have been effected by this too. There are lots of us out here (particularly those of us who have actually met you) who like you and wish you well. I hope all this is settled as soon as possible and you can go back to what you do best - looking out for the interests of dog and dog lovers. Julie xox
Kelly Jones said…
I have been following this on Twitter and this very blog, and I have to say I'm disgusted by this woman, especially after reading this article. I have been reading Dogs Today for many years, and have the utmost respect for what yourself and your team do for the dog world. This Lizette woman, however, just seems to be crying out for attention! I lost my father 11 years ago, and the pain is still raw after all this time, but I would NEVER use it as an excuse for behaviour like that woman has displayed. And if she has indeed been telling a few falsehoods along this line, then she is a very vile woman!
All the Best, and keep up the good work, Beverly and Dogs Today - You have my support!!

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