Can you take Rosie and/or Milo?

Dee is an OAP with mobility problems. She's ended up in London with her two elderly dogs and the council emergency housing hostel doesn't take dogs so she has been locking the dogs in the car overnight when she can't find anyone to take them for a sleepover. The dogs are her world. She contacted all the usual charities and only if she gave the dogs up for adoption would they help.
She was able to pay £10 a night for a professional to take the dogs for the night but she just couldn't find anyone in Camden to take them in. Via her vet and a friendly dog sitter she found me. I'd tried to help the dog sitter in the past with another difficult to solve case.
A couple of weeks ago I started looking for fosters for the two dogs and thought we'd got it all boxed off last time, but the foster home has fallen through and Dee is back with the only option of putting the dogs in the car and then walking the streets all day with her two dogs.

Sadly Rosie, neutered 11 year old collie/sheltie cross was clashing with Sergei in the lovely foster home we found earlier in the week. A Sergei is only little, Caroline and Mercedes are worried about leaving the pack alone - hence the need to move Rosie on urgently. We have an offer of a home with no other dogs from Monday but there is a gap to fill. Is anyone able to take Rosie today (Tuesday) - until Friday. She's in central London at the moment and current foster can transport if it's today. To make things slightly more complex, I am not around today to coordinate. Mercedes is on Twitter - shes @mercedesccs so if you can help can you give her a shout? Rosie is not great with cats (chases) and by the the looks of things small dogs or any dogs that aren't assertive enough to put her in her place. So ideally house with no cats or small dogs, or even no dogs. Could be a dog sitter or a kennels as we have a growing fighting fund.

Here's Rosie, who is sweet with people and not much bother according to Mercedes and Caroline. Here's little Sergei who has put up with being told off in his own home....he does look like he's had enough in this picture!

So that just leaves us Milo the seven year old neutered Jack Russell needing a foster home. He's got a few vet appointments he needs to go to at the PDSA so ideally he needs to be London. He chases cats but is otherwise pretty easy going. Doesn't like being woken up though, but few of us do.

UPDATE (16/06/11)
One Wednesday Rosie moved in with Lorna in Hackney. She works from home and lives opposite a huge park and as she has been dogless since April when she lost her beloved Jack Russell LouLou at the age of 18. Here's a photo of Rosie reclining on Lorna's sofa!
Last night Lorna's husband shared his pork chops with Rosie so she does seem to have somewhat landed on her feet!

On Friday Milo is meeting two other Jack Russells with a view to becoming their foster brother if hackles aren't raised. (This home came about when lovely @StarbucksMD retweeted my appeal for a foster home, @MegMatthews, Dawn Porter and several other very lovely celebs and just fantastic doggie folk passed on the appeal). A lovely man called Mick is going to be on standby on Friday evening just in case things don't work out as otherwise Dee said she and Milo would be spending the night in the car again. But of course we wouldn't let that happen!  We also have a couple of very kind people waiting in the wings ready to step in if either Rosie or Milo needs it.

Thank you to everyone who has retweeted this appeal or posted the details on a forum or gave fostering advice. It's been such a pleasure to talk to so many kind and lovely people over the last couple of weeks and it just shows what the dog community can achieve when they all pull in the same direction. I am sure Dee will never forget this kindness and you can already see the appreciation in Rosie's face!

Well done everyone and I'll keep you informed of how they are both doing.

We recently started an emergency fund for this case via Tailwaggers Club Trust the link for this should anyone need help with petrol, food, or emergency kennels

Any funds not needed in this case will be used on other urgent Tailwaggers cases.


Linda Ward said…
If someone can pick up later today, or any evening and deliver I'm still available!
Rosie said…
I'd have been happy to help, but sadly too far away in Wales... Hope Milo finds a lovely foster home soon & poor lady gets a lovely home too. Sounds like Rosie has struck it lucky and fallen on her paws - well done Caroline!
Nettie said…
Good work Beverley and everyone that has helped get Rose and Milo a roof over their heads. Hope Dee is soon settled and able to have her friends back.

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