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Just been asked to help, urgent situation...

Two dogs, older lady in temporary housing that won't take her dogs. Dogs currently sleeping in the car overnight. Only help offered so far would mean giving the dogs up forever, but unthinkable as they are this sad ladies' universe. Can you think of anyone who could take them in for a short term solution until she gets back on her feet. She has her pension and could just about afford £10 a night if anyone can offer the dogs a safe haven. Here's the message from Belinda who was asked to help as she goes to the same vet but is sadly fully booked.

The dogs are neutered. I believe she is based in Camden (as we share a vet, who is just a couple of min's from my own home). It was my vet who directed her to me, as he did not know anybody who could help. I've tried everybody I know and have come up dry - they are either, like me, booked solid or unwilling to commit for a (possibly) longer period than just a week or two.

I have met the dogs who appear to be in good health, although they could do with a bath. The bitch, Rosie (a collie x) is friendly but the little JR, Milo, is very shy. They are obviously closely bonded - they met my own pack who are very friendly but Milo hid under the table and refused point blank to come out and would not take a treat. Rosie tried to dominate my pack but was instantly put in her place by my own pack leader (also a Rosie and a Pug).

Dee herself is in her late 60's and walks with an aluminium elbow support. She obviously adores the dogs and although she has family scattered around the country, has returned to London because this is where she was born.
I am not exaggerating when I say that I fear for this ladies' future if there is no resolution. I don't think she would have any reason to go on, if she lost the dogs.

I've tried everything, including the Cinnamon Trust and nobody can help.


Just heard that everything is resolved. Elisabeth an experienced foster already helping Desperate Greekies is picking both dogs up tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone who offered help or forwarded the message that these dogs needed urgent help. Well done everyone! good job. And Elizabeth is a total star!

just got this message in from Elizabeth...

"Dee may need another foster home or something lined up from Monday 20 June until Monday 4 July - if she hasn't been homed yet - as this is when we'll need to return the dogs before going away. We also have to drive my own dog over to my parents on another day who are having her whilst we're away.
Also I didn't appreciate that its a 3 hour round trip to where Dee is. We don't mind doing this (and Dee has kindly offered to help out with diesel costs) but as it looks like we may have to do this journey a few times, if another foster home comes forward in the meantime, that is nearer to Dee, then it might be better for the dogs and Dee in the long run. Such a pity she can't find anyone nearer to where she is staying!
FYI, I don't require any food donations - I have plenty of Nature Diet wet food in (and Dee's dogs don't like complete dry food anyway apparently).

Anyway, I look forward to meeting Rosie and Milo tomorrow! Will keep you posted."

Can anyone help with the 20th June - 4th July week?
Any offers or suggestions, please email me


Anonymous said…
Hi, We would be happy to help, we dont have a garden so we would either come back at lunch to let them out or get a dog walker - no charge. my flatmate and I own dogs ourselves so know how it would feel. Unfortunately we can not take them until next Sunday as We are in spain this week. But it is an option for you. Please email me if you like
Anonymous said…
Have the Cinnamon Trust been tried? They may be able to help.
rairai said…
I could probably help. I do have a cat so we would have to see how they were with her but we can take a house guest or two.As long as it is temporary. We also work full time. We live in basildon essex. My email is
rairai said…
I am able to take on the dogs. I live in /basildon essex. Only thing is i DO have a cat, and i work 9-5. but the offer is there. hopefully you will find some one perfect to look after them. but if not, my email is
Anonymous said…
I might be a suitable candidate, I'm out in Amersham. I work 9-5 but live on site so can spend breaks and lunchtimes at home. I'm trying to persuade my boss to let me have a dog full time - maybe this would be my chance to prove myself. No charge, it would be an honour to help. My boss and his partner live next door and are both very experienced dog handlers - they have both done this as a profession so I would also have the best possible advice on tap. Let me know if you think I might be suitable and I'll check with the boss.

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