Can anyone please help?

Mandy was the victim of domestic violence. She lost her home, her family, her job. She became very depressed and had a breakdown. The only thing she has left are her pets. Sadly, the council temporary emergency housing she has been offered is not pet friendly. Via an earlier appeal on facebook she was offered, very generously, some temporary accommodation where Mandy, her elderly rescue GSD, her young Dobe and her cat could all stay together but even though it would have been cheaper than the BandB the council refused and further told Mandy she would be making herself "intentionally homeless" if she moved and she would go to the back of the queue for housing. The pets are currently in a short-term temporary foster home, but that runs out very shortly and we need to find a plan B. Mandy can't drive, and needs to be close to the hospital and her counsellors in St Austell, Cornwall for support and medication.

We have received a very generous offer of a kennel and cattery space for the pets. But it has come to light that all the pets boosters have gone out of date in all the upheaval. Tailwaggers Club Trust has agreed to fund this immediately and the cost of fostering until they are all good to go into kennels. Mandy is delighted - but if anyone is able to donate to the Just Giving fund it would be a huge help and if we raise more than this case needs we can use the funds to help other emergency cases that arise as it does seem like people like Mandy can find they have no where else to turn. See below for more details.

Tailwaggers Club Trust has set up this fund so that we can help Mandy keep her family together. If you could foster the dogs and cat or help in any other way please contact The RSPCA and Dogs Trust have all been informed and are unable to assist. Any donated funds not needed for Mandy's case will be used on other Tailwaggers emergency cases.


dalriach said…
It doesnt help this woman, but it is good to know that there is now a hostel in London which will take homeless men with their dogs (Graham House run by Thamesreach). There used to be people who would rather sleep on the streets in London than be parted from their dogs, because none of the shelters would take in dogs

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