Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's a long shot - but searching for 60 Dachshunds!

We get some unusual requests but this is a first!

Is your dog a work of art?

Would he or she like to be?

Interested in the United Nations?

Got a Dachshund?

Able to travel to Birmingham?

This event was made for you. Really. 

I have so enjoyed watching footage of artist Bennett Millers earlier work. 
Mini golf to get us to think more deeply about Iran... genius. 

Here's how to get involved....

email dachshund@wearefierce.org

60 dachshunds from across the West Midlands are needed  to participate in a piece of live art.

'Dachshund U.N.' is to be performed in a central location in Birmingham on Saturday 31 March. It is a fun (and often chaotic!) piece, and will be a great meeting of Dachshunds in the city, and dog and art-lovers alike.

Here's a video of the performance in Melbourne in 2010  http://tinyurl.com/DachshundFierce

If you take part - please let us know!


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