More news about Mandy and her pets

Mandy was the victim of domestic violence. She lost her home, her family, her job. She became very depressed and had a breakdown. The only thing she has left that she cared about were her pets.  Two dogs and a cat.

Sadly, the only council temporary emergency housing she was been offered was not pet friendly. All the existing network of help for people with pets in domestic crisis were unable to assist. She needed to be in London for the Dogs Trust to be able to help her and the local RSPCA initiative weren't keen on the types of dog involved. Luckily a local domestic violence group used personal contacts to find a short term bolt hole for the pets. Mandy contacted Dog sToday via our facebook page and asked if she could ask for some help - she was amazed by the response.

Mandy was offered, very generously, some temporary accommodation where she, her elderly rescue GSD, her young Dobe and her cat could all stay together -  but even though it would have been cheaper than the B and B the council had put her in, they refused to fund it and further told Mandy she would be making herself "intentionally homeless" if she moved out of the B & B and she would go to the back of the queue for housing.

Mandy can't drive, and needs to be close to the hospital and her counsellors in St Austell, Cornwall for support and medication. Dogs Today facebook followers again came up trumps and a group of dog lovers in Cornwall started to ask around and a very generous offer of a kennel and cattery space for the pets came in.

Mandy emailed me devastated when she realised the animals boosters had lapsed with all teh upheaval and upset and she didn't have the money to fund them. Without vaccination the pets couldn't got into kennels.

Ancient charity Tailwaggers kicked in and made a call to the vets to say that to please proceed the cost would be covered and the good people who were fostering the pets agreed to keep them a bit longer.

Mandy has been so touched by the support she's received and to be honest I've been inspired by how the doggie world has come to her aid. Really brilliant when folk as far away as Sweden pitch in. The kindness of strangers is really something.

Mandy is obviously much relieved and delighted. If anyone is able to donate to the Just Giving fund we've set up it would be a huge help to cover the costs of the foster and the vets and have some in reserve in case there are any other unexpected turns. And if we are lucky enough to raise more than this case needs we can use those funds to help other emergency cases that arise that do seem to fall between the cracks.  See below for more details or click the just giving box to the right.

Tailwaggers Club Trust has set up this fund so that we can help Mandy keep her family together. If you could offer Mandy any other help contact
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped so far, you really are brilliant.


Carron said…
This is such a heart warming Story, Its amazing when you finally do get to see the great british public at its best although only a few but still there are people out there filled with compassion and generosity .
Tracy said…
What lovely dogs. I'm not surprised Mandy was breaking her heart at the thought of losing them. I'm going to go and make a small donation and hope that everything turns out OK for her in the end. Stay strong, Mandy!

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