If acting goes to the dogs...

I was struggling to find some new doggie puns for an article I was writing and I asked our friends on facebook and Twitter to come up with their best ones and said I'd provide a prize. But I am struggling to pick the best! Here's our office favourites so far - and this is the short list from an enormous list. More than one person may have supplied the same suggestion, so if picked we will pick the one that came in first.

Angelina Collie
Annette Crossbreed
Arnie Schnauzenegger
Ashton Lurcher
Ben German Shepherd
Benedict Clumberbatch
Billy Great Zane
Brad Pit Bull
Bridget Dogue De Bordeaux.
Burt Lancaster Healer
Catherine Akita Bones
Clint Eastwoof
Colin Feral
Colin Furth
Cybill German Shepherd
Dandie Dinmont Nicholls
Dawn French Bulldog
Denise Welch Corgi
Edward Fox Terrier
Elizabeth Tailor
Eric (Great) Dane
George C Scottie
Gerard Dogue de Bordeaux
Glen of Imaal Close
Gwyneth PAL-trow
Hugh Grrrrant
Hugh Jackalman
Jack Black Labrador
Jack Russell Brand
Jack Russell Crowe
Jack Russell Nicholson
Jamie Foxx Terrier
Jennifer Grey-hound
Joan Collie
Jude Paw
Kim Basenji
King Charles Bronson
LabraDora Brian
Lassie Mannelli
Leonberger Dicaprio 
Linda Greyhound
Lindsay Lowchen
Marilyn Mongrel
Megan Fox Terrier 
Michael Canine
Michael Dog-less
Michael J Fox Terrier
Mini Schnauzer Driver 
Mutt Damon
Pawl Newman
Reece Whippet Spoon
Rockweiler Hudson
Saint Bernard Breslaw
Samoyed Neal
Samuel L Jackapoo
Sandra Bulldog
Sarah Lancashire Heeler.
Sidney Pointer
Sigourney Woofter
Simon Pug
Spaniel Craig
Spaniel Day Lewis
Spaniel Radcliffe
Spinone Weaver
Staffonie Powers
Terrier Hatcher
Terrier Thomas
Timothy Westie
Tom Baker’s complete
Uma Furman
Vanessa Red Setter
Vinnie Bones
Waltervuren Matthau
Weimaraner Ryder
Whippety Hedren
Woofy Goldberg

And some sent us people who weren't actors, but they were still good!

The Music business:

Akita Harris
Collie Murs
David Greyhound
Elkhound Brooks
Gracie Field spaniel
Husky Springfield
Kanye Westie
Lady Galga (female Spanish greyhound)
Lady Grrr Grrr
Maremma Carey
Mariah Corgi
Shirley Basset


Bark Cavendish
Eddie The Beagle
John Terryier
Lewis Hamilstonstovare
Kenny Dogleash
Mark Finnish Spitz
Paul Bleu de Gascoigne

Famous people generally:

Airedale O'Hanlon
Cavalier Prince Charles
Cindy Pawford
Collie Willoughby
Dalmatian Hurst
David Barkham
Great Dane Bowers
J K Growling
Jack Russell Grant
Jeremy Beagle
Jerry Springer Doodle
Kerry (Blue) Katona
Larry King Charles Cavalier
Michael Flatcoat
Vicpawia Stillwell
Victoria Barkham
Virginia Wolfhound

People who don’t to change their name at all:
Clare Danes
Goldie Hawn
Robert Wag-ner
Sam Shepherd

Which are your favourites? Who should win the prize as the funniest dog pun? You tell me!


EJ said…
it was tough but had to go with: Collie Murs
Pooh sticks said…
Oh Mutt Damon, ha ha!

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