Another quick appeal!

You've guessed it - we're still short of people - light at the end of the tunnel though. Luke starts on Monday - but then other people start going on holiday shortly afterwards! It'll be okay - I just keep repeating that to myself.....!

Another request from the media - this time the Sunday Times.

Do you have a fancy dress costume for your dog? Apparently there was something recently in the Spectator on this subject - the growing phenomena that is doggie fancy dress.
Anyway if you have one or more outfits for your dog and fancy being featured can you get in touch by comment or email (
Not sure exactly what they're seeking - think there's very few homes without a set of strap on antlers for the dog - we've all bought that at some time - admit it!
If you have something spectacular that always wins at your charity fun days go on share it!
Come on don't be shy!
Or if you are indeed a manufacturer of weird and wonderful outfits for doggie parties do get in touch!
I suspect there'll be some of us who don't approve, but I always say if no one laughs at the dog it's probably okay - they really do know when they're being laughed at don't they! My old Sally wore her antlers with pride every Christmas.


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