A bad week for blogging

Sorry for the silence - the stories have been screaming to be told, but I've not had time to write them.
We've had a few staff problems (but thankfully not Staffie problems!)
The main problem being an almost total lack of staff.
In theory there are lots of us, on paper.
One of us has relocated to Yorkshire and is (thanks to BT) not yet broadbanded-up so can't use our whizzo new BT phone system that will ring in her house at exactly the same time as ours. Jen's pilgrimanage to the North coincided with another of our 'A team' being uncharacteristically poorly for a week, and yet another being on a long weekend holiday in a very remote location so her dogs could avoid the firework season.
Hopefully calm will break out shortly and I will be able to go back to doing my normal job. I've surprised myself by enjoying banking, inputting subs and answering the phone.
But what should usually be calls lasting a couple of minutes have mainly turned into epics because a) I no longer had the first idea how anything works b) I told people why I was so useless and that took even longer and then we'd get totally sidetracked when they realised I was the editor.
But I had some really lovely chats with readers, so I hope they didn't mind me being completely incompetent taking their orders!
More blogs soon a huge story to write - just have to judge a dog warden competition, write next month's editorial, plan the Feb issue - oh yes and answer the phone....
Things have got to get better soon - famous last words.


Lorraine said…
You are doing a grand job
Flowerpot said…
look forward to hearing about the big stories screaming to be told....
Linda Ward said…
The magazine always looks fabulous, no matter what is going on behind the scenes! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Bit far away from your offices, but I can sub-edit if you ever need that sort of help - pestering people via the internet is how I got my last fabulous job. I'm not giving it up now ;-)
Anonymous said…
I hope things calm down soon!

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