Brilliant news - but also - a scandel!

I've just heard the excellent news that the Crown Prosecution Services has finally decided to drop all charges against the Two Poodles Martyrs. There's still a very slim chance that the farmer may still bring a civil case, but if the CPS don't think there's a case to answer, he'd struggle.
Jill and Peter are obviously hugely relieved. The whole family have been so stressed. Jill has lost a lot of weight and she was very slim to start with. They've both been on anti-depressants.
Why on earth have they been put through all this? Any sane person would have seen there was no case to answer. So why attempt to criminalize two very law-abiding dog lovers in this way?
Peter was arrested, had his DNA taken, finger prints the works just because two of their dog escaped through a newly broken fence.
The two lovely dogs were taken away to a secret kennel and held there for three months at the tax payers expense.
Think of all the hours wasted by policemen, courts etc that could have been devoted to finding proper criminals. Remember this was all happening in the midst of a serious terrorist alert. Why was Sussex police force engaged in a pointless witch hunt against two big soppy Poodles instead of looking after national security?
Jill says she wants to ensure this never happens to anyone else.
I know from experience, it's stressful enough already if a much-loved dog is lost for any reason. You already have the fear of them being killed on the road, the worry that they may have been stolen or just the agony of them being lost to you forever with no further clues as to what happened. We don't need to also fear the knock on the door that could mean that life will be turned upside down, your dogs will be seized and you will be treated as guilty until proven innocent and faced with possible financial ruin.
You really would not believe that a frisky young cow knocking down your garden fence could bring so much angst to your door...


Flowerpot said…
What a relief. I can't believe that this has gone on for so long. But at least it's over. Is it worth contacting someone like the One Show about this?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Good idea - anyone got any contacts for the show?
Anonymous said…
Brilliant news, the whole thing has been totally ludicrous
Chapstaff said…
I'm so relieved it's all over for them.

I thought it would end like this.

Pointless, totally flaming pointless!
Unknown said…
What a relief it is finally all over, but it should never have gone has far as it did.
Anonymous said…
Here's the contact link for the one show
I look forward to seeing it!!
Great news btw
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful (and long overdue!!) outcome!

I'm grinning from ear to ear!


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