Can we change the world?

I've often said that bloggers can do anything. Well numerous of you have told me about these biggies, so let's give it a go. Please sign up and help if you can.
In 2007, an 'artist' called Guillermo Vargas Habacuc caught a stray dog on the street, tied it up on a short leash to the wall of an art gallery and left it there to die slowly of hunger and thirst. Over the next few days, the artist himself and visitors to the gallery watched impassively as this happened. Now the prestigious Central American Biennial of Art has decided that this was art and has asked Vargas Habacuc to repeat his actions in the Biennial of 2008. If you don't believe it, Google the artist's name... or look at this link (distressing photos so be warned). Please sign the petition and circulate to as many people as possible.
Click here for the petition.
There's also a petition to stop puppy farmers supplying puppies to the restaurant trade in China. A much harder one to crack. Changing a nation is harder than stopping one artist from doing something inhumane.
Click here for the China petition.
Please cross post, and thank you to everyone who contacted me about these stories. I was hoping the art one was a hoax, but unless the photos are shown out of sequence I don't see how they can be. I was hoping they found a starving dog and gave it food until it looked well. Now that's the sort of art I'd appreciate!


Anonymous said…
Oh my god Beverley! That is just so awful. I wish an extreme animal welfare organisation would kidnap the 'artist' and do the same to him. Now that's 'art' I would pay to see.
alfmcmalf said…

This is profoundly, profoundly distressing.

It is the Ides of March today I believe and I am minded of the quote from Julius Ceasar - "Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war. That these foul deeds shall smell above the earth with carrion men groaning for burial". These are such foul deeds. Beyond comprehension.
Chapstaff said…
They should know better. The USA is supposed to be a civilised country.
Allowing the "artist" to starve a dog to death in public in the name of "art" is obscene in itself - but to applaud the monster & ask for the actions to be repeated is unbelievable!

I want to sign the petition, but don't know what they are asking for.....


email address,

location presumably?

What is the last one please?
Anonymous said…
Chapstaff, it didn't happen in the USA. Central America is Mexico and countries south. I can't remember exactly which country this happened in (I read the story awhile back and signed the petition, but it was awhile ago and my memory isnt' that great) but it was most definitely NOT the USA.

It's absolutely disgusting that any so-called "civilized" country would do something like this.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Some are asking what you need to put in the fields for the sick artist petition, my languages are rubbish - but so far as I can figure you type in name, email address, city and country. So far 1,010,644 people have signed!
Indiana Rowz said…
Why aren't the animal rights people on to this? If it happened here there would be uproar. I signed the petition but couldn't look at the pictures. You can't forget once you've seen.
Thanks Beverley for highlighting this apppalling situation.
Anonymous said…
OMG I still feel sick, 3 hours after looking at this (watching Dogs on Death Row didn't help either!)

I checked Snopes, hoping it would be an urban legend, but it is "undetermined" so not a hoax, as yet (see

How horrible

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