Death on the road

I was taking the kids to school this morning when I saw something odd up ahead. Cars slowing and some cars stopped at strange angles in the road.
A woman at the roadside was very animated and distressed, a policeman was talking to her. I guessed she was the driver of the silver car stopped at an angle in the road. The policeman had pulled up behind her - I guess it was just chance that he was following her as it looked like it had just happened. There wouldn't have been time to call the police.
Still lying in the road was a young dog, very obviously dead.
I don't think it had a collar on, it looked medium sized, mainly black with brown eyebrows and legs and a coat like a Border Terrier.
How ghastly. For the dog, for the woman driver. For whoever loved that dog.
I've been feeling slightly sick all day as a result.
I've told Dog Lost what I saw, just in case anyone was still searching for the poor thing - but I couldn't see anything local listed. The accident was this morning, just before 8am on the Chertsey Rd between Chobham and Ottershaw in Surrey.
The kids didn't see, thankfully. They were engrossed in listening to Stephen Fry reading them Harry Potter.
Made me feel so grateful for every time we've got Tess back after she'd broken through the fence after a rabbit. We've spent more than £6k on fencing, but she and the rabbits seem to be in league and they keep digging holes that Tess can squeeze through. They're not that bright obviously as if they kept her in they'd be safer too.


Flowerpot said…
no wonder you felt sick, Beverley. I feel sick just reading about it. That poor dog. At least your kids didn't see it.

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