Happy Easter

Just got this wonderful email:

"Total love at first sight! :-)
They have taken him and are renaming him Jake. "

Ahhh - I do love a happy ending!


Anne B. said…
Oh happy happy day! We have been following Otis' story with trepidation and hope! We could not rush to his rescue as we have four dogs ourselves, but the news that he has found his forever person - or rather that she has found him - is wonderful. We wish her and Jake the happiest of new beginnings! :)
Indiana Rowz said…
What a wonderful story for Easter!Talk about a last minute reprieve, saved by the bell, etc etc. Well done Beverley.
Flowerpot said…
How wonderful - this has made my Easter. Well done - what great work.
Anonymous said…
so happy he has now found a home! and on a special day too!

Lucy King
Chapstaff said…
Great news!

What a truly wonderful person to say she'd take him unseen as it didn't matter what he looked like. A truly unselfish person.

Well done Beverley for advertising this xx

[maybe you can take a day off now!]
Anonymous said…
Hooray for Otis and the woman and Em!

You have also made me realise how easy it is to get inactive when overwhelmed by something enormous, when the "little" things can still make an enormous difference. (Obviously, only little in the scheme of things, not little to the starfish involved).

The starfish story is my favourite and one I strive to live by. Does me good to be reminded once in a while. You have helped Otis and you have helped me.

Thank you and keep going. Your work is very valuable.
bugs said…
I am so happy that the very handsome Otis,now Jake, finally has his forever home where he will be loved and cherished, as he deserves. Well done to all involved in helping this boy. This is truly a happy ending.
Anonymous said…
I am absolutely thrilled to know Otis has a lovely golden sofa at last. I am bitterly disappointed that Beverley doesn't feel the same way about greyhounds being rehomed as reading the latest article by emma milne which beverely allowed to be published, it seems all greyhounds are doomed!
I challenge bevereley & emma to go to one of the greyhound rescue centres and talk to the people who really know what they are talking about. I think their ideas would change radically.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Polly - please see my posts on the latest blog.
Ia m mortified by the article.
Anonymous said…
I am so pleased that Beverly has the good grace to admit her mistake in allowing this highly damaging article to be published. I feel everytime she sees a VAT return this spectre will return to haunt her.
I strongly feel the only option open is a full retraction at the earliest opportunity stating that this was the unresearched ramblings of someone who should be ashamed to call themselves a vet. The only possible conclusion to this sad affair would be the resignation of this so-called tv vet. I, along with the rest of the readers, cannot possibly find words to illustrate our anger at the harm she has done. thousands of greyhounds , gentle, loving animals, will not now get the safe homes they so badly deserve. I hope she can live with herself.
Anonymous said…
I too am now an ex reader of Dogs today. We have a real problem in this counry rehoming thousands of retired greyhounds. These are known for their gentle nature. Whilst it is always upsetting when a dog attacks another dismissing a whole breed is extremely irresponsible. To publish such views in your magazine, the responsibility lies with you the editor.
I shall not buy the magazine again, unless the resignation of the Vet in question is accepted.

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