Cold Wet Nose extra!

Even though we have printed pages and pages of Cold Wet Nose coverage there was so much we couldn't fit in – so here's some extra memories of such a lovely day.

Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible. The photography below is by Amber Spain, PAul Keevil, Tim Rose, Natalya Anderson and Steve Collins .

Brendan, a 17-year-old rescued Lurcher, had never been to a dog show before. Owner Jeremy Mustill, from Aldershot, had heard about the show from a friend who was bringing a rescue dog, too. They'd decided to spend the day in the beer tent while their girlfriends showed their dogs. Girlfriend Claire has a pretty Lurcher called Kizzy and it had been assumed she'd be the one winning all the rosettes.
They arrived just in time to book into the final heat of Vintage and Jeremy was stunned when Brendan won not only his heat but the category final and then second prize overall in Top Dog. Not bad for a first go!
Jeremy and Claire have owned Brendan for the past eight years. They'd been in Exmoor for the weekend and had heard that there was a farm shutting down. Two of the farm dogs had already been destroyed but Brendan was still there, alone in a pig sty.
Initially Jeremy said no to giving him a home, as they already had a dog. But 30 minutes into the journey home, he had a change of heart, as he couldn't face his girlfriend's tears for the entire five-hour journey!
Two years ago, Brendan had a serious stroke, but he's bounced back with enthusiasm. He accompanies gardener Jeremy to work every day and still has energy for a good hour's walk every night.
Brendan won a £75 voucher from Pets at Home and a supply of Yumega to keep his coat glossy and healthy.
"He's not looking to make dog shows a career - but bless his little socks!" said Jeremy.

"We have two young Pointers. Snappy is my girlfriend Helen's dog and Chops is mine. Allegedly they take after our personalities.
"Snappy is like a stereotypical supermodel - very pretty, but with no brain at all. For example, it took her a month to work out how to use the dog flap. However, she is very calm, gentle and will fall asleep in your arms if you are stroking her.
"Chops was the runt of the litter and looks very rangy and snaggly. She is very clever, but very naughty. She jumped through the hole in the door before I even managed to fit the dog flap.
"In her heat, she decided to scratch a hole in her head five minutes beforehand. Then, when the judge came, she peed on the floor, jumped up on the judge, and then barked for the next few minutes, as she saw Snappy through the crowd. She came 5th out of six. She's a little turd, but all the more entertaining for it.
"Our Pointers are just pets rather than show dogs so I just entered for fun. It was only when Snappy won her heat for Prettiest Bitch that I thought maybe she had a chance, so I bought her a pink collar to make her look pretty for the final. Amazingly, she won."
Ian Strang, Wimbledon Common

Charlotte & Maly – Natural Lookalikes
"Maly wanted to get back to his roots," said Charlotte Kasner of her 14-year-old crossbreed’s bright-red Welsh Dragon costume. "He's a Welshman, you see; and he hasn't been home since he was a puppy."

Carys & Nessie – Natural Lookalikes
Nine-year-old Carys Lewis decided to make her weekend dog-sitting responsibilities a bit more fun when she entered her family-friend's Welsh Spaniel, Nessie, in the lookalike contest. She's previously won awards for best young handler in local competitions, but misses having a dog of her own. "I do want a new dog," exclaimed Carys. Luckily, Nessie seems to be happy to stand in for Carys in the interim.

Penny & Floosie – Natural Lookalikes
"She lives with three male dogs," says Penny Clayton, explaining how her blue brindle Greyhound, Floosie, got her name. A natural in front of the camera, Floosie was a racing dog for two of her eight years, but is happy now at home in Kent with Penny and the boys.


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What fabulous pictures - quite made my day!
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Fantastic pictures - really disappointed I missed it!

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