Hard to swalllow

Why is it that Oscar can swallow a rabbit without chewing but he will always detect and spit out a quarter of a worming tablet wrapped in a load of best ham?
Do any of your dogs have similar mixed standards. For example Oscar doesn't like getting his paws wet in the pond - yet he loves getting muddy.
Perhaps in future I should put the wormng tablets inside a rabbit?


Anonymous said…
OMG Beverley, I'd always assumed it was Tess consuming poor little bunnies not your gentle Oscar. My Beardie Max lived happily amongst up to 25 rabbits at one point. I've noticed an increase in Beardies in rescue recently - very sad.
ps - would be nice to see more pics of Oscar and not just those of his bum!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Oscar is gentle with us - and his rabbit hunting seems to be curious! There's never a mark on them - then he swallows them!
Tess is much more traditional in her rabbit catching. Perhaps Oscar doesn't like the taste?
Beardies are a handful for most people - max grooming, exercise, noise... I can understand they are an acquired taste. When I was young and I did used to have the odd litter I used to make sure prospective owners saw them filthy. Put a fair few off!
Pills are a nightmare aren't they? Even those pill popper things don't work with my three. I have found, though, that putting them in a small lump of butter and letting them lick this off my fingers works.

My dogs love anything they think is forbidden - same with my children.
Badger said…
Young Roo is on antibiotics at the moment following a nasty cut that required stitches on her leg. She never chews anything, just goes straight down. All except for her palatable tablets - which clearly are not palatable!
We hide them inside potatoes, chicken, parma ham - dont ask! But somehow she always detects it. I think it is a ploy to get more food as every time she spits it out we try again with something else. She is just laughing at us I am sure. Whereas Frank the cat is so stupid you can just put out a row of 3 cat biscuits with a worming tablet in the middle of the row and he will just eat it all, and just think it was another biscuit. x
Anonymous said…
The only way I can either of ours to take a tablet (Labrador & Bichon Frise) is to open their mouths, put the tablet as far towards the back of the mouth, and quickly put a treat in. Usually they work the treat out of their mouth thinking it's a tablet, while the real tablet slips down. Stealth dosing! Other than that it's a pop the tablet into the mouth, hold the mouth shut till it's gone. They don't mind too much as they know they get a really tasty treat afterwards. Interestingly with cod liver oil capsules, I can just put them into his food and he wolfs them down.
My mother used to give her GSD tablets in a little bit of Milky Way - but you'd have to take off all the chocolate first.
Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Is it just my dog then that will actually sit and beg for her worming tablet and take it 'neat'!! Though I have to admit, getting one down the cat is a different matter - I assumed the dog ones were more palatable then the cat's, but maybe not.

But yes, she too has 'double standards'. She loves water, loves swimming and will happily jump in to a deep stream, but if it's shallow and the day is hot and I'm trying to get her to lay down in it to cool her, there is no way - the best I can expect is for her to almost sit, with her bum hovering just above the water!
Bless 'em.

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