Have you seen this dog?

Name: Genie
Breed: Lurcher Cross
She is a sandy/blond colour has a white chest and white paws.
On her back left foot one of her toe nails sticks up in the air.
She is small for a lurcher around 16” at the shoulder and has a long body and short legs.
She has been micro chipped.

The last sighting was on the A127 nr the junction of the A130 but she could be anywhere.
Please help find her.
Please call Kate or Gwain Theobald on these numbers if seen or found.

07894 647054 07970 571229 01322 278073

Just heard Genie is home! Hooray and thank you all for looking out for her - many eyes really are the trick when getting these dogs back. If you haven't yet registered at doglost.co.uk please do - you automatically receive email on lost/stolen dogs in your area - the idea is you can keep an eye out for any new dogs on the block that fit the ID and print out some posters if poss and get them up in local shops just in case someone has the dog at home and doesn't realise how much it is missed. It's a brilliant network. Think it's 6,500 dogs they've reunited since 2003. And it's all free - just needs dog lovers to help each other.


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