What price knowledge? Pedigree Dogs Exposed Day 3

We do like to check our facts on Furry Godmother and it worried us that since the Japanese Akita had split to be two breeds we had no separate average hip score listed for the new Japanese Akita Inu.
We tried the BVA and they said they hadn't yet got a figure and we should ask the KC for it.
As the KC stopped sending us press releases after we published the Little Black Dog Book (they also banned us from Crufts and wrote grumpy letters to the sponsor of the Booklet) we gathered a direct request for this information wasn't going to be likely to be tremendously successful!
So one of our number emailed posing as a person interested in the breed and wanting to know the breed average so she could choose a breeder carefully.
I have to say when the reply came I was gobsmacked! They wanted to charge £5 for telling our member of the public a hip score..... !
So much for helping the public do the right thing....


Chapstaff said…
Now I've heard everything! Unbelievable! What ever will they come up with next??

I try to be objective when it comes to the KC because I really can't believe that an organisation set up to care for the welfare of this country's dogs is really as uncaring as it seems.

But the KC are determined to be obstructive & really don't give a damn about the health of the nation's dogs.
Now I'm really angry & disgusted with them.

This needs publicising - but I suppose there's no proof.......?
Beverley Cuddy said…
We have emails from them requesting the money with our email asking the question attached! So 100% provable.
Chapstaff said…
Really - still not proof though, emails can easily be altered.

I'm sure the KC would hate everyone to know what a despicable organisation they really are........

I still find it hard to believe though. I mean - they really do represent the future of Britain's dogs, yet they actually charge to reveal a hip score. Now that really is scandalous!

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