Dog of the Year 2009

Thank you all so much for voting! Watch the Daily Mail for news of the winner or wait for the official calendar with the December issue of the magazine out early November!


Anonymous said…
OK, I will be voting, but this could take some time. So many wonderful dog stories......
bugs said…
It was so difficult to decide, but I did. It's a shame that they all can't be Dog of the Year.
Anonymous said…
All so deserving, but I've made my mind up now, I think,

Leah S said…
I have been forced by the blog dictator to find another way to post on this blog. So much for democracy and free speech.
Sine all seem so bent on removing dogs from our homes then I must surmise you are all peta followers. Just using this method to put forth your animal rights agenda.
How sad that the real caretakers of the various breeds have been repetedly blocked. Then that would be in keeping with how a dictator runs things. Talk about ego centric. I think some hide behind the apron strings as they don't have what it takes to stand up in the real world. The remark in another note about the winner of crufts requiring ice to cool done. Just shows you know little of the real world. Cameras require extremely high light levels to funtion and those lights are overly hot. Many humans need to be revived afte spending an few hours under those hot lights.

As for the genetic mess you proclaim is in pure bred dogs due to their close inbreeding. Have you looked at the human genone and realize we ALL decended from the same woman. Then I guess some still choose to swim in the shallow end of the gene pool and refuse to see what science tells us. Dogs did not evovle from modern wolves they did decend from the red wolf of India. Still all dogs is left to thier own would revert within a few generations to Dingo or Cannan appearing dogs. The local pure bred has more genetic diversity than the every human on the face of the earth. Then I would say this explains much about CWN. Narrow minded, tunnel, vision, seeing only what they want.
There are purebred dogs who have changed little in thousands of years, for example the sight hounds who run down game for their masters. Our relationship with the dog is primal and your lot would have us all give that up. This is a peta agenda to remove all animals from the control of humans. When you buy into this you buy the entire deal. The bombing of reasearch labs, releasing farm animals to be hit on the roads. Hope you enjoy going back to Neanderthal times and spending your life grubbing for roots with a stick.

Still no matter how high a mighity you claim if you were found to be suffering from cancer and the use of a treatment derived from animal research was your only recourse, I bet 99% would jump ship in a heart beat.
Beverley Cuddy said…
I won't be at all surprised if you are as confused by Leah's post as I am!
Perhaps she's copied and pasted this message on numerous sites as it seems totally irrelevant to this topic.
To my knowledge she has not tried to post here before - unless she's tried to spam us with a link to something to do with viagra as I tend to delete those!
One other anonymous post I deleted was from someone who said I wasn't a very good judge and she hoped I'd never judge Bearded Collies ever again as I just put up famous people when I do... not sure why I deleted that one. Guess I just thought it was off topic and would result in me having to look up who I did give the CCs to all those years ago and whether they were famous or not and that would have been dull for 99.9% of people reading this blog. So Leah, sorry if you think I have impinged your freedom of speech, as you can see we will allow you to say almost anything you like here - even if we don't really quite understand it!
Badger said…
In response to Leah s comment above, whose blog have you been reading?? I do not believe Beverley has anywhere suggested we remove dogs from our homes, just that we do our very best to ensure the dogs we do have are healthy ones... and how you managed to end up ranting about animal research baffles me somewhat?? What does that have to do with the price of fish... (or dogs).?
alfmcmalf said…
I am always wary of long blog comments especially ones from Cavalier enthusiasts.

But actually Leah S is far more lucid than others I have seen lately.Sadly for them.
Skibble said…
I did have a laugh at Leah's comments - I haven't been following the blog for a while for various reasons, and the real loons are coming out.

Beverley, the Beardie - our shared breed - seem to have a fairly good health record, so you must have done something right as a judge :-)

And to Leah - I disagreed with Beverley over the documentary, as I didn't like the way it was edited and sensationalised, but I agree that something needed to be done.. and she still printed it. Perhaps if people put their arguments in a polite and rational way, and are not personally abusive, maybe they will make the print!

Good news the KC are making progress - lets get behind them.

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