October 5th a dark day for Cavaliers

Today was the Special General Meeting of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club where Margaret Carter was on trial - see earlier posts.
I'll post more later - but they voted her off - 204 people who shouldn't sleep well tonight if their conscience has any say in the matter. 31 voted for her - 4 abstained.

More news later


intheworks said…
Well done for the thirty one who clearly do have the best interest of Cavaliers at heart.

Wish there were more.

Chapstaff said…
Let's hope for the sake of the caring 31 that it was by ballot, or they might find themselves being squeezed out too.
Jontus said…
It's a sad indication that much of what the BBC documentary implied about those in the Cavalier breed was true. Malicious and vicious busy-bodies with handbags whose interpretation of the breed standard goes beyound belief.

I sincerely hope that this callous act does not stop other people from coming forward to protect the health of a breed.

Dr Jon Buscall // Kennel Björkwood
Unknown said…
It IS a very sad day for the CKCS!

A woman who has been the true champion for cavalier health has been forced off the health committee?

This action surely shows the importance of revenge by the bloodthirsty lot of breeders that have chosen to ignore the SM problem and carry on with the show.

I would suggest to anyone considering a cavalier pup to request check all health documents on the parents very carefully indeed. Oh... that's right... what health documents?
Julia said…
What a disgrace! Well done to the 31 people who stood up for Margaret and the breed. As for the 204 - I don't know how they can live with themselves.
Anonymous said…
I belong to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club and this was the first meeting i ever went to. I was absoloutly disgusted in the way that Margeret Carter Was treated!! I managed to speak t her and praise her for all she has done.It is disgusting that she was voted off!! The CKCSC NEEDS NEW blood to stand up for the cavaliers health.... WE WILL NOT GIVE UP TRYING TO HELP!!

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