Hill's next to leave

Hill's Petfoods have announced they will be withdrawing their sponsorship from Crufts and not having a stand.

Dog World approached other sponsors - click here to see their story. Eukanuba said they were investing in shows not pulling out and were looking at taking over the Champion stakes from Pedigree at other shows. Royal Canin, while like Pedigree owned by Mars, said what Pedigree did didn't influence them.
Interestingly - Purina - declined to comment either way. Watch this space.


Chapstaff said…
The Kennel Club said:

"“Crufts 2009 will concentrate even more than ever on healthy, happy and well-bred dogs. Make no mistake, this country has a very strong tradition for caring dog ownership and leads the way internationally in this sphere. The vast majority of the dogs at Crufts are, and always have been, happy, healthy and of good sound temperament."

WHAT! They don't learn do they :o(
WELL DONE HILLS ! they sell a quality product and should NOT associate with wrong, apalling breeding!
Eukanuba should take a stand and follow suit! Money is what talks here and if financial support stops then they will have to fix!
i will not buy Eukanuba now, and will urge everyone i know to do the same! Crufts may now concentrate on the health issues but what about all the previous champions and qualifiers that are not healthy???

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