CV247 update

Just in case you haven't spotted the additions to the previous blog here are the latest things we know.

CV247 has arrived in the UK but as yet there are no vets prescribing the drug although a couple have already shown interest in being the first stockists. Will keep you updated.

In Hungary CV247 is available over the counter from veterinary pharamacists without prescription and comes with a dietary advice leaflet - the diet is hugely significant in my experience. (It will only be obtained via vets in the country.)

Here are some of the properties of the diet:

Diet low in salt
Diet low in red meat
Diet low in sugar
Diet high in organic fruit and vegetable
Diet devoid of processed foods
Diet disciplined to avoid over-feeding

I am corresponding with a very nice lady with a cat who has cancer who is hoping to start using CV247 ASAP and I'd be very grateful if anyone knows of anyone who used John Carter's method could get in touch with some dietary advice for cats.


Anonymous said…
It sounds similar to the BARF diet, which I fed my dog, except that it limits red meat. I wonder why? Meat of all kinds seems a natural food for dogs.
porkchop said…
Was very shocked to hear of John Carter's death.

He cured our cat of mouth cancer and gave my late Bull Terrier 7 more years of life.

Please would you let me know how his legacy lives on and if he has a foundation set up after him or anything we can keep in touch with his amazing legacy.

Hope you can find a few minutes I'm sure you're busy..

Many thanks
Anonymous said…
My beautiful 4.1/2 year old Great dane bitch has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma - we are devastated. I recently heard of CV247 and gave a copy of the last coldwetnose article on it and he said he would look into it. My vet wants to start chemotherapy but I would like to try John Carters method. Can anyone advise me?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Dear Great Dane owner
email me on and I'll do my best to help.
Best wishes
Editor, Dogs Today
Abigail Wheeler said…
I noticed your post about Victorian Bulldogs in a search I did on the web... I enjoyed reading over your posts and would like to post a link to your blog on my "Victorian Bulldog" facebook applicaiton!

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