Slings and arrows

After Fluffygate yesterday we have the Poodle-people-being-offensive episode.
Every now and again I like to have a look at who is reading the blog, you can click through and see the referring site for the last 100 visitors. One click went to a Poodle site so I clicked to find a charming little thread. Click here
Now much of this thread seems to make little sense at all, apparently I may have said a throwaway remark like, "If you think show Poodle trims look over the top, look at these" - and then we had some photos of dogs that had been turned into chickens etc... Actually I've no problems with Poodles, in fact I really do think they're under-rated as pets. A bit like a doggie Skoda.
But they're obviously a touchy lot.
Does it matter what I look like?
Does it matter what any of us look like?
Is that how women are perceived in the Poodle community, just graded into two piles of lookers and not. Astonishing! And to think we used to have our office in dear old Emmeline Pankhurst's family home. How very evolved these Poodle men are!
But Mike in Standard Poodles went a little bit further, he claims to have met me on Hampstead Heath and seen me up close to decide I was unattractive!!
I have emailed him to point out he is deluded as I have never been to Hampstead Heath, and when I didn't go I never met anyone walking Miniature or Toy Poodles, and I have never chewed on a wasp.
I emailed him to put him straight, here's his lovely reply...

Oh we did you know, it was a long time ago and was over the Heath Extension (Golders Green side) where all the dog walkers go. I had Miniature and Toy Poodles in those days.
You have either forgotten or someone was impersonating you !!!
We are all well aware of your opinion of show people and I suspect nobody really cares what you think anyway.
My spies tell me that it is great fun going into Smiths and covering Dogs Today with the real dog papers.
At least then the public will get a balanced view of things and not a load of nonsense.


I reiterate, I live miles away from London. I don't go to any of the sides of Hampstead Heath. I don't know Mike, but he and his friends think I am very unattractive and they'd like to put me out of business and see my children starve.
Apparently being the Editor of a dog magazine gets you called a terrorist by the KC Chairman and allows men in Poodles to debate how ugly you are while trying to sabotage your business.
Good job I have a good sense of humour isn't it!

Mike has been emailing me again...

Nobody has made anything up, you must have an impersonator, why should anyone want to is the question!!! As for pathetic, Dogs Today comes to mind!

It's probably that dratted country and western singing doppleganger again...

I reiterate, I do not know Mike and I have never been to Hampstead Heath.

...and I think he's just tried to post another nasty little jibe that wasn't very entertaining as a comment, but I hope you'll forgive me if I block him. The joke is wearing a little thin now.

Did I ever tell you about my stalker...? Well he didn't stalk me physically, he used the Royal Mail - I used to get up to 20 letters a day from him. All of them identical and handwritten. He affectionately called me 'dunce editor' and called on me to sack 'dunce vet' Bruce Fogle. It was never clear why Bruce or I had upset him, but I added him to our Christmas card list and wrote back every now and again. It was actually a sad day when the letters stopped.


jo siemieniowski said…
He is very clearly upset about something, what a pity its not about the way thses people dress up their little babies, ha ha you carry on Beverly, those of us who buy dogs world know better!
Anonymous said…
Pardon my ignorance but what is meant by "these people"? Pray elaborate Jo.
Im an avid Standard Poodle fan, its never bothered me what people do or dont have to say about my breed so why is he so stressed..???
Hmmmmm as for having met you before...maybe...
Shoulda gone to Specsavers lmao..!!!
In the pink said…
How sad. I am a Poodle person VERY happy to be associated with Dogs Today! I think problems occur because some breeders/kennels/clubs can't see the bigger picture and take everything personally. One Poodle breeder still berates me about tail docking as she swears hers were all 'done painlessly and properly' It doesn't sink in when i tell her the Bill protects ALL the dogs that were mutilated too. Why do folk feel they are being got at or targetted? Surely they realise how many despicable breeders there are out there in EVERY breed.I know Mike to be an intelligent chap so i'm finding all this staggering.This must be so horrible and frustrating for you Beverley.

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