Have you seen this dog?

Just received this plea...

On Boxing Day our beloved dogs were stolen from our home in Woodford Green Essex
They broke in through the back door and took them from their beds - we were only out for a couple of hours.
We are all devostated and need as much help as possible....
We managed to get the boy back, a lady found him on her doorstep in the Debden area five miles away from were we live four days after they went missing.... he was found with burns and cuts on him...
The vets and police think he was dumped in the area because he was no use to the thieves as he had been castrated and is very aggressive to people he doesn't know.
Our little girl is still missing and we are missing her so much and are worried sick as she is on daily medication and its now been two weeks since she took it and will now be in so much pain.

Breed Miniature Pinscher
Colour: Black and Tan
Female One year old
ID: Very small (Chihuahua size) Looks just like a tiny Dobermann)
Tattoo in right ear
Long skinny tail

Large reward - all we want for the new year is to have our little baby home and will not rest until she's back.

I am begging people to help us.

My numbers are 07908677681/07984994084/0208 270 9403
Email danni4ott@hotmail.com


Chapstaff said…
Any news yet? The owners must be devastated :o(

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