Incest will be banned after March 1st

Yesterday the Kennel Club issued its New Year Regulations.
From March the 1st they'll be refusing to register dogs that are the result of a mother/son, father/daughter or brother/sister mating.
From 2010 all dogs will have to be microchipped or tattooed if they are to be assessed under any of the BVA/KC health schemes.
Crufts judges will be expected to judge to the new revised breed standards - some of which are now available to view on the KC website. Judges have now also been given the power to remove a dog from the ring that they feel is unhealthy.
It's a new year, let's hope this is the new start for Kennel Club we've all been hoping for?
They still need to do a lot more about Coefficients of Inbreeding as very, very few dogs are the result of obvious incest. Most inbreeding today is caused by the overuse of popular sires and line breeding, but it's a start.
Here's the link for the whole story.


Chapstaff said…
It is a good start.I hope with all the changes they are proposing that they are doing their research properly & thoroughly.

There is nothing worse than changes being rushed through to prove they are actually doing something.

A larger breeding pool really would be the best way to finally start to eradicate the inherited health problems.

Still - they are making the effort.
Julia L said…
It's a pity they specified that just the very close inbreeding should be banned because breeders will then think that it's OK to continue breeding, say, uncle to niece, or grandfather to granddaughter, or just go on with their normal line-breeding.
I would have liked them to have stated that dogs should not be bred at all from the same line.
Anonymous said…
If the line is healthy then why not? The moral ick factor had a bigger part to play in people repulsion of inbreeding rather than the actual genetics. In the Scots Clans, you rarely married out of it except for the occasional "arranged marriage" as a transaction with another clan. In Regency times you would often marry close to keep any money and property within the family. The Egyptians most likely went mad from the megalomania rather than anything genetic, they believed they were gods. Health testing should be compulsory long before a ban on inbreeding should have come in. And I profoundly believe a written record should be kept of ALL litters, refusing registrations will ensure many breeds are in a bigger mess than they are now. It will not stop BYB and PFs. The KC mean well but this is a knee jerk reaction.
jo siemieniowski said…
Just heard the good news that Margaret Carter has been reinstated onto the committee but a lot of others hace resigned in protest ! good luck margaret, maybe now people will have a cavalier committee to be proud of!
Chapstaff said…
Great news about M Carter. The others won't be missed.
Chapstaff said…
Ha - just heard that Margaret was reinstated against others' wishes due to a legal technicality - she was the only one to apply.
Now she is back let's hope a new committe of CARING Cav people join up, then there might be changes.
Brave lady this!
Anonymous said…
I for one am glad we atleast see a beginning in the exclucion of close relatives inbreeding. Close inbreeding in early Homo type species (Humanity and kin) is the reason we are the one species so riddled with genetic defects, I would hate to think what we have done to our pets where we to continue to do it with them. Now lets see how far the KC is willing to go in actually doing what is right for the dogs
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that Margaret Carter has been reinstated to the Cav club. Quite frankly i'm glad the others resigned. We need more Margaret Carter's out there!

Jan said…
Much to my regret Margaret has now asked to withdraw her nomination.

It appears that not all was as it seemed when nobody else came forward, although the exact situation is somewhat of a mystery.

There are claims on one site that it was a deliberate plan (one assumes knowing that there would be resignations which would bring down the Club) and the poster was "elated" at this result . On another site it apppears if this was the case, it was only a few people behind it - not the exisiting Committee, or other members who wanted to be nominated.

I am very, very sorry that Margaret will not return to the Committee, although under these circumstances she is, as usual, doing the right thing, not wanting to destroy the Club.

I only wish that certain other Club members would behave with the same dignity. If they were to put the same energy into Cavalier health that they do in posting malicious posts and spreading rumours, the breed would be in a much better state.
Chapstaff said…
That is such a shame. Are there NO responsible Cav breeders who want to breed happy healthy dogs!
If so...I wish they'd join the committee to try & make a difference.
jo siemieniowski said…
I too am sad that Margaret Carter had to leave, a lot of people will never trust the cavalier club again, they knew what they were doing,they got rid of her again on mysterious outdated clause, I just hope that margaret will continue in her fight on syringomyilia, I am sure that a lot of cavalier people will be behind her on this, and without being too rude i say this "stuff the cavalier club" !

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