Home sweet Home office

Well it's almost all done. Everything we need to work is now installed. No dramas with BT, everything is working beautifully.
The team worked ever so hard, thank you to husband Graham for DIY beyond the call of duty, to Kevin our illustrator (and my son's Kieran's dad - we're a very dysfunctional company/family but everyone seems happy!) for helping out with the move today and all his DIY stuff, too. And thanks to all the editorial team for lugging stuff and juggling generally without moaning. And to Craig of course for all the hard graft and driving the big lorry without hitting anything.
For some reason my feet are killing me and I really did nothing compared to everyone else!
Shall sleep well tonight. No excuses for being late for work now! Guess those who were carrying fridges and photocopiers will have some twinges tonight.
Still the attic to clear at the old office and some storage issues to juggle, but at least we all have phones and Internet, chairs and desks!
I do hope everyone is going to be happy being in "The Dog House". The dogs are enjoying all the comings and goings, they only escaped once when the kids came home. All the grown ups know the gate rules, will take the kids a while to realise the changes to routine when they come home from school. Sure we'll work it all out!
Can I also draw your attention to the previous post on canine brucellosis and puppy farming in Ireland. Some really excellent comments, really in depth - thank you and do keep us informed of any developments.


Lucy King said…
Wow sounds fantastic! If you ever want staff, I'm there!
kitazara said…
Can't beat working from home, been doing it for years.
kitazara said…
Cant beat working from home, been doing it for years, as long as you don't take work home if you know what I mean.

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