Poor Stanley is a firework casualty

This isn't Stanley, but this is a dog that looks quite like him

A six year old blue Beardie boy (pale grey and white with a dark grey nose and pigment to the non-expert!), called Stanley, went missing from his home last weekend. Frightened by fireworks. His owners are beside themselves and have notified police, dog wardens, RSPCA, shelters etc. The have put up posters over a wide area. He was in the Saint Austell, Cornwall area. Stanley is microchipped.

His owners are Patsy and Paul Jones, phone no. 0172661855

With tonight being Bonfire night and the weekend coming also likely to be awash with fireworks we are all very afraid for this poor, frightened boy. They have been told about Ken Hines' excellent booklet on finding a lost dog which they are downloading (click here) and they are also putting Stanley on Doglost and Petsearchers.

I've checked Dog Lost and it's not up on their site yet - but Beardies are shaggy and quickly look filthy and knotty when running wild, so if you see something that looks like a small Old English with a tail - it might be poor old Stanley.

Hope he's soon home and that no other dogs go missing this firework season. Do keep your doggies safe!

UPDATE from the Friendly Beardie website:
Ron McCawley has been out searching for hours. Stanley has been sighted after crossing the railway line so at least he has done that successfully. He is now running around the slag heaps so that makes him hard to find. With all the fireworks he could run anywhere. Owner is a policeman so all police cars are aware.
We have the club trap and can take it down at the weekend if it can be of use
Hope someone takes him in before that

Very sad news...

Hi Beverley

Bad, bad news on Stanley...not yet 100% confirmed but 99% certain that he was killed by a train on November 1st (the morning after he went missing). A railway worker saw a poster this morning and confirmed that a grey "old englishsheepdog" wearing a black collar with a green tag was hit by a train on Nov. Ist.

Unless by some miracle there are two dogs exactly the same in St. Austell, that looks to be Stanley.  It was only about 2 miles from his home.

I am totally devastated, and the family too, of course.



Poor Stanley, Hope he's found and home safe and sound very soon.
Anonymous said…
I hope stanely is found quickly.

I have just been alerted of another dog lost. Here is the info (I hope you do not mind) I hope people can help.

From Craig and Nicky
Desperately looking for our lost dog.

Hove area / possibly down the seafront, or could be anywhere by now cos she's running fast!

- Blondy-brown colour, fluffy coat
- Large dog but quite skinny
- VERY SHY, very timid - not aggressive at all, she will probably just wimper if you manage to get hold of her.

Please see the picture and let us know if you can help with ANY information. Pictue: http://brighton.gumtree.com/brighton/14/48440414.html

07886 271 411

07974 238 021

01273 747 827

Thank you.

Chapstaff said…
Poor Stanley - bless him - he must be terrified :( Really hope he's found safely soon.

Looked at the link for the other lost dog in Brighton/Hove. Wonder if the owners deliberately missed out his name. Lovely looking chap.

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