Pedigree Dogs to be Exposed in America!

The documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed premieres Tuesday, December 10, 8:00 pm ET/PT on BBC America.

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Chapstaff said…
Blooming heck - Jemima has really made it BIG!
I wonder how it will go down there.
Anonymous said…
i think the american view will be a bit more sensible.
jo siemieniowski said…
I,m sure the American public will see what the rest of us already know, that Pedigree dogs are in danger of being eliminated by overbreeding and health issues conected to it.
Anonymous said…
thanks jo. actually a similar program to this has already aired.

and prior to the westminster show there was a lot of internet discussion as to whether or not the show should be taken off the air (like crufts) and the us public showed a much more level headed point of view and praised the work done by good breeders in addition to calling for an end to bad breeding practices.
To Anonymous, Maybe they did watch another"similar" show, But when they see P.D.E. my guess is they wont be praising the work of breeders, They will i think find that most breeders are breeding for the money, and not the quality of the breed,

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