Got a doggie Jedward?

If you have a dog who can sing, then please get in touch with these guys!
They are hoping to assemble a canine choir. This is I feel ambitious. In the past we've staged the Paw-O-Vision Song Contest and we found that some doggies could be quite diva-esque - they wanted to sing solo or not at all. (Very often the dogs chose not at all, it's very different putting your head back and singing in the comfort of your own front room - but in front of legions of fans and press...)
And when we did Pup Idol at the Wag and Bone and later Dog Brain of Britain at the Cold West Nose singing dogs were a touch thin on the ground. Although if that Shih Tzu who did a strip while singing to the Full Monty theme tune is reading this blog - please do apply!

Sky1 Canine Choir seeks Singing Dogs.

Brand new animal entertainment show ‘Pet Nation’ is looking to audition your Pavarotti pooches, canine crooners and musical mutts for a brand new dog choir!

Hosted by Liza Tarbuck and Huey Morgan, ‘Pet Nation’ will be a celebration of our nation’s love affair with our pets.
The canine choir will be a spectacular ending to our series. So if your beloved can belt out a tune please get in touch today.

Send a short video clip to under the subject ‘Canine Choir’. Please include contact information along with details of your dog’s repertoire. We will be holding auditions in January and February 2010.

We look forward to meeting you then!


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