Breeding slave ready for freedom

Caddie is a 3½-year-old female who was a breeding bitch from a puppy farm in Wales who has never lived in a home before. On Pro-Dogs Direct's website she is described as an Old English, but she was emailed to me by dogs-r-us as a Beardie and she does look very like one to me.

Caddie loves all people and loves nothing more than constant attention. 
We would consider homing her to a family with children who are older dog savy, as she has shown no fear of either people or children. 
She has a very soft nature and will make a fantastic companion.

Caddie will need someone around for most of the day and owners who are prepared to work at her pace.

She enjoys going out for a walk and has not shown any fear when out and about.

Caddie has been spayed, had her first  vaccination and been microchipped. 
Caddie's coat has been shaved as she was in such a terrible state when she arrived nothing else could be done. Given time her coat will return to normal.

If you are interested in Caddie, please contact for more information. She will then send you a questionnaire to complete.

If your details are suitable for the requirements of the dog, we will arrange a homecheck for the dogs security. If this is passed we will make arrangements for you to met the dog, and hopefully re-home her or him. The time limit on this process varies.

To help defray the costs of neutering, vaccination, flea and worm treatments and micro chipping of each dog, we require a minimum donation of £150 to our funds for each dog.

We have a legally binding Adoption Contract which you are asked to read and sign. Everything known about the dog will be given to you. 
Pro Dogs Direct will be there for help and support throughout the dog's life.

Caddie has never lived in a home but still has an enormous capacity for love. It just breaks your heart that dogs are kept like farm animals. Do check out the other puppy farmed dogs that are looking for a home on Pro Dogs Direct.


In the pink said…
It just breaks your heart to think of all those still suffering. Those sad, sad eyes. Lets hope she now has years of love ahead of her.
t.j.waters said…
hi beverley thnks for posting our caddie on your blog, she is defiantly an oes though, i know it is hard to tell but she is and one day our lovely lass will be a beautiful oes as she should be. she will soon find a lovely home of her own very soon im sure. thanks so much tracey
Chapstaff said…
That's surprising that she shows no fear out on walks, I bet she didn't have many in her previous life. She must be very laid back bless her.

She sounds a lovely companion for someone, hope the right person comes along.
Anonymous said…
Poor baby, I will never understand how people can treat animals in this way.
Anonymous said…
It's go great that this dog now has a second chance after her terrible start.

Second Chance rescue in Derbyshire have also recently rescued some ex breeding farm bitches. They have similar pictures on their website. One of them a Schnauzer, when cleaned and shaved, was discovered to have large tumors on her body, which were bleeding inside. She had been welping while in this condition. She finally got the love she deserved, but only for two days.

These of the scenes that no local news team get to see, inside these establishments.

The Police need to take these thing more seriously and the RSPCA need more powers of entry.

It has to STOP!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Tried to post but i just cant remember my password. I just wanted to tell you and everyone interested that Caddy has now gone to her new home in Cornwall and that we also have a ex pf stud boy bichon and 3 basset girls looking now thanks tracey

Have asked Tracey to let us have more details of the dogs looking for homes. What great news about Caddy!

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