Protest against the fools on April 1st

Are you upset about the puppy farming situation in Wales?
Want to get involved in a peaceful protest?
Many of the worst farms featured in the TV exposés remain stubbornly council licensed.
Dogs-r-us are holding a protest in Carmarthen on the 1st April. It will be at the council offices, 3 Spilman Rd, Carmarthen, April 1st, noon. 
Here's an extract from Puppy Love's website:

We at Puppy Love have tried, for the sake of the dogs, to keep up sensible correspondence with Carmarthenshire council and Mr Philip Davies in particular.
Recently we have been told our communications will not be answered as they are too repetitive, yes questions are repetitive as we are trying to get honest or at least intelligent replies.
Do check out their website.

I know a lot of people find it too upsetting to watch the films of the breeding slaves, but if we all stand shoulder to shoulder we might actually get somewhere. Please do support this protest.


Ronnie said…
Puppy Love are proud to say this protest has been organized by our Welsh members who despise puppy farming as much as we do.
rosiegilmour said…
Philip Davies can bury his head in the green green grass of Wales but he can't hide. I will be there on 1/4/10 at 3 Spillan Street, Mr avies with the most up to date copy of the petition that you disdainly ignore a year ago. I said then I would not go away and that still holds good. See you on 1/4/10. Jan
Anonymous said…
No matter how distressing, everyone should take at a look at this report. Thirty years ago zoo animals displayed this kind of behavious and we put a stop to it. The difference being that it was widely reported and the public at large got to see it all. This piece needs to be shown wherever possible.
I cannot make it but I fully support the campaign.

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