Happy endings!

When we started the search for a foster home for 17 year old Candy I did say I thought it would take a miracle to find someone to take such an elderly and incontinent dog that was local enough for her owner (who is bravely battling a very serious cancer) to still see her.
Here she is all settled and happy in her foster home.
Well done to Julia at People and Pets Advocates and wonderful foster carer Rachel. Miracle workers of the week! And what a great charity - do think about becoming a volunteer please!


babspanky said…
She looks a real sweetheart and what a hero the foster carer is. This must be a weight off the owner's mind to know she is well cared for.
sharon said…
See it is people like Julia and Rachel who surely deserve OBE's MBE's etc. Real people with big hearts. This is what looking after animals is all about. True kindness. How wonderful Candy's owner can be at peace knowing his little love is warm, fed and most important, loved and safe. Well done you guys you really do deserve a medal.
Chapstaff said…
That is the BEST news, well done to the fosterer.

Best wishes to Candy & to her owner
Snookie's paw said…
Ha ha I didn't realise I was being talked about!
Candy is just a frail old lady. All I'm doing is making sure Candy is warm and comfortable.
Thankfully I have a very patient/tolerant husband!

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