Intensive farming of dogs in Ireland

Watch this You Tube clip from Irish TV and I guarantee you'll be hopping up and down, not doing an Irish jig, but shouting at the screen.


Ellie J said…
Stupid man: “We love dogs.” Yep, looks like it?? What about socialisation, exercise and most importantly love? And then that other man saying “We exercise all our dogs,” and then admitting they get out twice a week. Poor, poor dogs. :(
Anonymous said…
this is a perfect example of human ignorance- i think that on some level he knows morally that he is doing the wrong thing, but he has replace his morals with money and thinks that a dog is a cow it seems! i think that this should be aired in the UK for people to see where these dogs come from and only with buyer education can this change. thanks for adding the link to your page.
Amy from Shropshire
Anonymous said…
I am too much of a coward to watch the clip as my imagination has already run riot. It just upsets me for weeks.
Chapstaff said…
I could cry - with frustration.

"Dogs have got to be bred somewhere!"

What sort of stupid remark is that!!

We're just getting nowhere.
Let's have a government who will promise (and mean it) to stamp out puppy battery farming once and for all.......they'll get my vote.

Everyone knows it's wrong, but NOTHING GETS BLOODY DONE!!
Blackshuck said…
Not watched it all but:
'dogs have to be bred somewhere...'

While there is a surplus of unwanted dogs I struggle with this statement. Accepting that not all people want a 'second hand' dog from a rescue, but many want a pedigree from puppy (and this is perfectly reasonable), then why on earth would they want a dog farmed like this for profit, rather than from a breeder who is an enthusiast of the breed, devoted to the welfare and care of their chosen breed, and of course to the mother of the pups they breed.

From the clip I watched, I do not think this shows the worst of puppy farming. If we were looking at livestock conditions these might be relatively reasonable considering some of the abuses we have inflicted on our meat and dairy animals. But dogs have evolved to live symbiotically with humans and as such farming them contravenes welfare for this species.

Lets have some action, and if DT wants to lead a campaign, you have my full backing and support.
Anonymous said…
While I agree that this is not the worst picture of puppy farms that are out there, it's little to no concilation. Besides which, that was a planned visit with cameras and didn't all the straw look particularly 'fresh'?!

There is no way that such large establishments can give all the animals the adequate care that is required. It's a huge responsibility and they are treating it as a meal ticket.

I agree with Chapstaff, some people want a particular breed of dog as opposed to a heinz, but if the demand met the need, there would not be specific breed rescues out there in addition to local kennels.

Between the business of puppy farms, an influx in pit bull types and the tail docking laws, Ireland really needs to sort our their legislation and enforcement before anything can really change.

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