Calling ethical breeders in Oxfordshire! URGENT

Are you a small scale breeder that goes that extra yard in Oxfordshire? Prime time TV prog doing a piece on best place to buy a dog and wanting to film to contrast puppy farm rearing with a really good breeder. They'll be filming this week and ideally you'll have a litter at the moment if at all possible!

To recap: We need someone that goes that extra yard, health testing, rearing in the home and socializing and really loving their dogs. Ideally very small scale and very fussy.

Please post far and wide and ask breeder to email me with more details. Brilliant opportunity to educate the public!

Thank you to everyone who got in touch, I passed on your details to the programme.

Watch out for an upcoming item on breeding on the One Show on BBC1.

I was aware of a few sad extremely bitter folk who gave people grief who re-posted this appeal - who were urging good breeders not to get in touch - for example see the comment on this blog. Quite why they wanted to stop the BBC One Show doing a powerful item comparing and contrasting puppy farm rearing to the best home rearing leaves me speechless! The item is nothing to do with us, I was just helping the researcher identify a really good breeder who reared in the home rather than in kennels and that's what we believe to be the ideal. The researcher had originally gone to the Kennel Club but they'd only given them large breeders with kennels, hence us picking up the call and coming to the researchers aid!


Anonymous said…
so no breeders made contact .............. well who could blame them with your track record and the way you slag-off the pedigree dog world ..... perhaps those in the general media will also see that you do not have any influence or share the trust of good, real, and caring dog breeders, and will look to other to introduce them.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Oh you sad, sad person! See the update on the blog. As you'll see I asked breeders to email me direct!

Thankfully you don't reflect modern, ethical dog breeders. Get back to the shadows where you belong!
Anonymous said…
"Thankfully you don't reflect modern, ethical dog breeders. Get back to the shadows where you belong!" bitter aren’t you Ms Cuddy, sound like that BBC researcher is as lazy as you when it comes to doing a good job or research (perhaps it’s the same one who was ment to have check the PDE so called facts for the BBc, which showed by the Ofcom report were lies and distortions). If you really think a 5 minute segment on the one show will give the general public a good guide to buying dogs it shows just how daft you really are. Its about time the BBC learned that Dogs Today is a one voice (and many would say the really bitter sounding one). Why don’t you actually put your money where your mouth is and turn up at a dog show and face the people you are happy to slag off before Crufts each year......perhaps you even go to Crufts and actually see what you then report misleadingly in your rag mag afterwards....but perhaps you think the price of a entry ticket is too much for you to do a accurate reporting job for once!
Anonymous said…
If you are a good breeder then you having nothing to fear from exposure whether you be competing in crufts, or the local dog show.

Having a view of a good small establishments is not a guide, but a view of how it should be done. Instead of only seeing those terrible ones that make headlines.

Take the time to actually look at this blog on a regular basis and read the magazine, from cover to cover and you will see that it supports ethical dog breeders and praises them.

You don't win an argument just because you shout and abuse - and remain anonymous - how very brave of you. If you don't like a paper you don't read it, don't a show, don't watch.

Keep up the good work Beverley.


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