Is it really 20 years already?

Dogs Today was launched in November 1990.
I was the editor.
I still am.
Back in the early 90s I remember talking to the editor of a very successful monthly woman's magazine. She'd been one of the judges at a posh publishing awards do. We'd won something and she'd liked what I wrote on the entry form, it had made her laugh.
She was asking me to write some articles for her magazine.
She asked, probably without realising how rude she was being, "When are you going to move over to proper magazines?"
I laughed and told her I already had my dream job. Was then, still is now.
I'm just about to write something up about the past 20 years and was wondering if there are any readers who would like to share their thoughts on the past two decades of magazines?
Anyone reading the blog who has been with us since issue one? When did you start reading? What's your favourite bits? Favourite contributor - several have written for the full 20 years! Have you ever won a competition or did you source your dog through Perfect Pup - (aka Dial-A-Dog and the Hairy Dogmother?). Any interesting anecdotes? Have you or your dog featured in the mag? Been to any of our events?
When did you start reading us? Tell us a bit about you and your dogs, too.
Do either comment here or email me direct on
Really looking forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said…
Can you answer that Ladys's question and tell us when you will write for a proper magazine? instead of this rag that spouts your twisted drivvle? you really havnt achieved anything in dogs, yet you attack those who do and defend those who casue prioblems designers dogs, et al
Matron said…
I love Dogs Today magazine, read it cover to cover. Particularly when you stirred up a hornets nest with the in-bred pedigree dog breeders. It needed to be done, thank you.
Anonymous said…
I wonder how many Jaffa cakes that works out to be?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Ahh, Anonymous - you try to hide your love for me don't you, but is obviously some form of obsession that calls you back here isn't it. A little more water with your drinks might help those typos, too.

And Anonymous 2, I really should have bought shares in Jaffa Cakes, shouldn't I! I am now so famed for my Jaffa Cake love that the head of the RSPCA press office brought his own when he came to see me! Nice M&S ones, too. No Tesco own brand rubbish.
cambstreasurer said…
AFAIK M&S Jaffa cakes are the only variety made with free range eggs, so it's nice to see the press office are doing their bit to encourage them.

Do lurchers qualify as designer dogs?
Anonymous said…
I love DT and as a previous poster said, i read it from cover to cover every month! Have been reading the mag every month since about 2002/3 although i had read the odd one or two earlier issues before that and do have an issue from 2000 which featured my Nan's dog in the obituries section. Have had letters featured, won a "what cross is this" contest and attended a photo shoot with my dog Tyler back in June ( remember us? :) )

You're the only dog magazine i read. You feature great topics and are not shy to tell it how it is. Keep up the good work.

Elliebop said…
I love Dogs Today and have been reading every issue from cover to cover since I got my dogs, 4 years ago. I've been runner up in a few caption competitions and got 'best letter' a couple of times - my dog has loved the toys we have won, though she is less keen on the shampoo!! And we've recently won a holiday which we're taking next month - can't wait, and I know my dog will love that. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing, and just keep on doing it.
Chapstaff said…
Have emailed Dogs Today with my info.

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